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Email and mobile marketing

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What changes in email marketing are caused by the mobile diffusion?

Market penetration and diffusion of mobile devices is more and more increasing, thanks to the possibility to access the internet through it, the connection to social media, the presence of photographic devices and music players. So, what about marketing? Which are the new opportunities to grasp?

If we closely look at the United States, we’ll discover that Smartphone users primarily send and read emails: about 38,5% of the time on the internet through mobile devices.(Nielsen)

And also Comscore confirms such trend in the American market, detecting how this past year the use of email via mobile grew by 36%, where the most incline age range is that between 25 and 34 years of age. 

Even in Europe, there are more and more Smartphones: 23% of users usually have an advanced mobile device to check their mail; such trend, in Italy, regards 26% of the Internet population.(E-mail Marketing Consumer Report 2010) [link t]

But how is it really possible to enhance the communication with users on the go?

First of all, by optimizing the messages for visualization on mobile; considering that the sizes of the screen are reduced: if visualization of newsletters is not optimized also communication effectiveness could be reduced since the user will have to continue scrolling the email several times to read the entire message. The advice is to test visualization of each email on Smartphone typologies (BlackBerry, Iphone, etc.) to verify that they are always correct.

To guaranteeusers the best use of emails when they are moving around, the optimization of contents should not be underestimated. Allow for your reader to get all the information: choose an appropriate sender wording and be strategic in the subject copywriting where you need to give the right importance to the key words setting them among the first elements. In terms of use, consider also the graphic layout composition and arrangement of the images, define text size so as to be readable and insert calls to action possibly at the beginning of the message.

Do you know who your users are? the ones who mainly read from mobiles? Consider this when planning your email marketing program: accomplishing a clusterization of mobile users in your databases will make it possible to create optimized newsletters with customized advertisements, dedicated to those who check their mail via Smartphones.

The communication with users on the go can be enhanced through specific promotional strategies:knowing that users almost read their emails in real time can be the precondition to plan offers available for a limited time only and, invite to act on them immediately.


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