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GPMI: continuous innovation!

Del: 21/09/2006

Registrations for the next edition of Gran Prix Marketing Innovation, to which Italian companies participate with their extensive consumption products, were closed in June 2006. Password: innovation!
Actually, the public is given the hard task to nominate the Product of the Year with major innovation potential that will benefit from the affixing of the appreciation logo “Elected Product of the Year” on its packagings and in all the online and offline advertising.

What are the real benefits of such victory? Relative research to foreign editions indicated increasing sales (England) and long commercial life (France): what about Italy?

Let’s analyse through history companies and two winning products of the 2006 edition, Nutella Snack & Drink and Oil of Olaz, some winning innovations and the results obtained thanks to the use of the logo.

Ferrero, winner with Nutella Snack & Drink, claims to have participated because its known to be a contest of great importance, conducted directly on the end consumer, since 8000 families make a highly meaningful sample, from which the true product value and its innovative characteristics appear.
Ferrero informs us that the creation of this innovative product truly reflects the company’s philosophy and its vocation towards new ideas that always differ from its competitors’, anticipating at the same time the expectations of the consumers. ®Nutella Snack&Drink is a product of high USP (unique selling proposition). It’s unique, original, inimitable and a complete service pack: actually, it has, in just one package a tempting snack (fabulous ®Nutella and crunchy malted sticks) and a naturally thirst-quencing beverage (Estathè market leader), therefore allowing to satisfy the demand of food and beverage at the same time; just one purchase satisfies two needs (hunger and thirst).
The logo, in this case was printed directly on the packaging label, so as to guarantee an immediate and definite visibility of this important acknowledgement.

A few words from Valeria Consorte, Brand Manager Oil of Olaz, that explain this product:

Why did you decide to participate in the event?

In Procter Consumer is Boss. Our job is to perceive the needs and offer our best. This is true in every moment of the Brand life, from the creation of a product or initiative to its marketing planning. That’s how Regenerist of Olaz was created, a regenerating cream line thanks to its special technology enriched by an exclusive amino-peptides complex. Olaz Regenerist was born in response to the needs of the consumers who demanded an option to liftings, chemical peelings and all those drastic measures that for several reasons they avoid. Participating in the Product of the Year event was an excellent opportunity for further dialogue with our consumers.

What feedback did you get by using the logo in your business strategies?

We integrated this important acknowledgment of consumers in our advertising plans and Regenerist trial ( (Tv copy, print campaign, direct mailing, in-store etc..).
Regenerist keeps on satisfying more and more consumers, in March the boutique recorded an all time high value share.

How much does your company invest in the Research and Development sector?

P&G invests in total about 2 billion dollars in research and development every year. Scientific research is, for us, fundamental for the creation of innovative and technologically leading products that more and more respond to the unsatisfied needs of our consumers or, as in the case of Oil Of Olaz, give benefits that protect and improve the skin’s appearance.

How do you differ from your competitors and, how many peculiarities of your product regard innovation?

Innovation is everywhere for Olaz. Not only on a product/technology level but also on a product form level (e.g. the serum, product form exclusive for its prestige up to a few years ago), packaging (the consumers that voted Regenerist product of the year truly appreciated its packaging too), advertising (that goes beyond the classic way of using media), trial plans (as for example its partnership with Wella offering a free hair-do at any Art Hair studio with the purchase of either 2 Olaz products or the latest SPF15 which underlines the great point of difference of Olaz creams that contain SPF15).
The big secret hides behind the ability to listen to the consumers. They define the success of any initiative of ours. And if we take a close look at the results of Regenerist (including the acknowledgment of Product of the Year) we can surely be satisfied with our dialogue with our consumers.

                                                                      Deborah Baldasarre

Product of the Year is the communication key The election for Product of the Year is now the key to success of the marketing-mix.

Find the stages of the market research in the French spot enclosed, at the root of the Election of Product of the Year, and define its storyboard.

Thousands of consumers elect the Products of the Year therefore being Elected Product of the Year means reaching one’s own reference target goals which represents having all the chances of increasing sales.


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