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Marketing Process Management

Del: 21/09/2006


Processes of organisation and management of marketing activities

In the United States, during the 90’s, enterprises like Hewlett & Packard, Rank Xerox and also enormous service enterprises, were starting to adopt organisational modalities that related the primary and secondary “responsibilities” to the “activities” (processes). This choice was determined by the necessity to overcome the conflict and insufficient internal communication.

Today, after some time, Process Management represents the most evolved way to design business organisation. Actually, all organisations are based on processes and their relations which can easily be detected, represented, managed, measured and planned over again. In fact, this vision overcomes the mechanistic concept of organisations made up of separate units, with specific boundaries (functions). The system of the goals was determined from “above” without any participation on behalf of the final addressee: the client. This organisation model had limits: it created a vision focused on the detail and less on the whole, it reduced the communication among functions, and offered less confrontation possibilities and therefore less growth among the people, increasing the possibility of conflict.

Today the “client-oriented” organisation looks for the active participation on behalf of all the actors involved, including clients themselves protagonists and makers of the company’s success or of its product/service.
Therefore, it becomes necessary for marketing, that has a direct impact on the client, to manage the activities by processes, so as to optimize the results and the direct effects.

Today marketing is no longer a business function, but it introduces itself as a system of processes strongly integrated with the rest of the organisation and in continuous dialogue and confrontation with the outside.

                                                   Giovanni Volpe 
                                    Amministratore Unico di COMITES srl 


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