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China: a ‘Water Brand’

Del: 21/09/2006


Let’s clear our space from all shallow reading on the application of the Taoist thinking on the Chinese economic miracle – where ‘The Tao of management’ misleading and useless old book by B.
Messing, can be authoritative. Lately literature is serving as a means and aims at containing the intrinsic Chinese spirit of success and of the new approach to marketing that derives from it.

A new way of life?
Let’s start supposing that maybe an era is over, and with it, several reference points: Greek philosophy (where logic is the fulcrum), the American way of life, good opposed to bad, linear constructions and finally one-way communication.
It ‘s best to remember that before any big or small realisation, there’s an idea, a thought. Brand China’s philosophy is different and different are also the time modalities of this oriental miracle.

From rigid logic to ‘water logic’
Chinese thinking is based on a passage from the rigid-iron logic to the Water Logic, that is, a more fluid, elastic and interactive way of perceiving, thinking and realising… . In Giorgio Nardone’s words, a psychology expert in Problem Solving: ‘For the old ancient Chinese wisdom, the concept of truth doesn’t exist, actually, every preconceived idea is to be avoided since it is considered limiting. Today’s China is a powerful metaphor of this: it represents the ability to have a rigid communist structure as much as a strong liberalisation of the market: therefore the ability to catch a glimpse of the possibility to manage two opposites without contradictions, but a flow of happenings that values the ensemble. The Tao symbol or the pictogram that means ‘crisis’ tells us better about this concept. The black logo background, therefore the dark, the night, the feminine contains a white spot that is the beginning of what is to come: the light, the day, the male, the becoming fluid, a continuum without interruptions; instead, the pictogram ‘crisis’ is made up of two concepts, anger and opportunity. Due to their meaning these two wouldn’t be able to coexist in our culture.

From the intangible assets to
This apparently confused and contradictory loop immediately generates a fluid and emotional communication through new codes (to the western eye) that find in the interactive and immaterial communication (remember the intangible assets of the Japanese miracle?) the tools that bring it closer to the new western interactive way of communicating (so quickly absorbed by the land of the Han with the record of world accesses through its 134 million internauts having access to the net– data 2005). We immediately associate this with the new viral marketing and wam technologies that become closer to this fluid vision of the being and communicating. The portal, along with its portal dedicated to the purchases of TaoBao, counts more than 10 million registered users and, this is the amount of daily visitors, it is the18th in the world.

Accepting the contradictions: the future Water Brands
It’s been a while now that Edward de Bono talks about the subject of Water Logic and even in the western world the logic approach, the rigid strategies, determined stances integrate with new demand options. There is a request for community and immateriality (even the vision of a film on a 7 x 10 furniture piece is “immaterial” compared to a traditional use of seats and popcorn), new interpretations of private property – from the fractional ownership to consumption on demand, from the net knowledge sharing to the new concepts of usufruct in the rent a car.
Immediately one wonders: what is to be done? A different (and oriental) way to approach the problem could be to remove possible obstacles lying before creative thinking, so as to have the answer generated automatically on the way with the immense potential that only elasticity and quick reflexes of an open communication can bring. And accepting the contradictions: these are the true winners, the future Water Brands.

Marshall McLuhan, smooth thinking
The Zen Archer (pratice mostly used by Japanese managers) doesn’t elaborate logically its moves: its organism acts without rational programming, this confers an inestimable advantage on an opponent that has to think about his moves and therefore translate the rational conclusion in arm and back movements. There should be no difference between the arrow and the target: it’s all in one.
Intuitions, close to those of the great provoker Marshall McLuhan, demolisher of certainties, builder of smooth and synthesized intuitions. The most famous: the medium is a message.

                                                   Fabrizio Bellavista


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