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Let’s Sloth up!

Del: 22/09/2006

An advertising campaign integrated and efficient and a captivating and amusing claim: Alfa 147 is all this, a model launched six years ago that has decided to rewrite the rules of its belonging segment and consolidate its ‘cool brand’ with the help of a cute sloth.
And ‘STAY ALIVE’ sets the communicative bridge between the slowness of the animal and the technological performances of support to the power of the vehicle. Let’s see how.

1861 United has developed a new advertising project, onsetting from the idea of the singer Adriano Celentano: “ You’re born rock, but you grow up learning slow-dance”. Besides the slowness of the sloth, the characteristic that makes it irresistible is the awareness that a sloth lives in each one of us. In just one spot, the human slothization is redeemed by the vitality of the Alfa 147.
The advertising technique used is like that of the “Scottish shower”: from hot to cold, here from slowness to speed, therefore the “Alfa Romeo 147 is a fast and dynamic vehicle in a slow world”.
The choices of the spot director and spot protagonist are also strategic elements. The former was given to ACNE, a group of 6 innovative directors based in Stockholm, all having different backgrounds and no predefinite style, but they adopt several “ad hoc” styles for each project.

The latter, on the other hand, is Kiran Shah, the little actor that hides under the sloth’s fur, that is Mr. Sloth, already known to the audience for his participation in music videos and films like trilogy of “The Lord of the Rings”, “The Cronicles of Narnia”, “Titanic”, “Alien”, “Indiana Jones” and “Superman”.

The creative work is supported by a long period of advertising on TV, internet, radio and special projects: from the game-contest dedicated to listeners and with the purpose of selecting “the “slothiest sloth in Italy”, broadcast on Radio 105, to the sloth competition on MTV, and the internet site, whose goal is to give maximum visibility, diffusion and continuity of the Stay Alive concept on a media that is close to the Alfa 147 target group.
Password: “Let’s Sloth up”!


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