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Raggianti’ (radiant- like the new Mulino Bianco bread-sticks)

Del: 22/09/2006

The project

Nomen was given the task of finding the right name for the new Mulino Bianco bread-stick, with a crunchy texture, long and flat shaped, with characteristic engravings similar to the French baguette on the top. The new Mulino Bianco bread-sticks, with extra virgin olive oil taste and with no animal fat are proposed in the two variants natural or rosemary flavour. Ideal company before and during meals, they address to consumers with non problematic eating styles, who look for quality, are open to testing and close to the concept of food being a pleasant and relaxing break.

Briefing and creation
Thanks to the encounter of briefing and of the documents provided for by Mulino Bianco for the new bread-sticks, the main features of this new product and the guidelines for the research of its name were detected.
In particular, the distinctive area linked to the texture of the new bread-stick and the creation of names by the “crunchy” sound followed. The long and thin shape of the product was an excellent creation tip. The fundamental idea to communicate was that of an inviting and tempting product, of the “can’t stop eating them”, of the bread-stick by the characteristic but natural taste. In particular, the name choosing focused on a positive and cheerful name, amusing but not irreverent.
After having detected together with the Mulino Bianco team the areas of research and guidelines, the creation process began.
The first creative phase stirred up about 1.500 names, fruits of the labour of a brainstorming group made up of 7 Nomen Italia creative people. From this first creation phase, a first shortlist of names was selected.
After the first presentation, the Nomen namewriters further refined the creation orienting in two directions: one towards the area of courting and flattering and the other towards the area of enjoyable temptation.
The last creative phase developed the areas of pleasure, of euphoria and of evocativeness.
At the end of the entire process, the name that turned out to be the most appropriate to the project was Raggianti.

The name

Raggianti immediately evokes a bright, sunny, natural world, in perfect harmony with the Mulino Bianco brand. Furthermore, raggianti (radiant) are those who let the joy, enthusiasm and optimism transpire openly. The task of the name Raggianti is to evoke in a captivating and distinctive way the pleasure of tasting the new Mulino Biano crunchy and tasty bread-stick.
Raggianti is a dynamic, simple and captivating name. It suggests radiance, warmth and long rays. The sonority given by the consonants R, GG and NT is in line with a crunchy, tasty and engaging product.

                                                        Deborah Masetto






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