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Sensitive Space System solutions

Del: 29/09/2006

3M, Crea International and iO have conceived space as a sensitive system, modifiable in real time by a remote access, allowing maximum interactivity with the product.
In certain sectors, a few for now, but the future looks bright, the communication frontiers vary with the same speed of light, literally. In this sense signals come from the market, from the operators and from the advertising sector. There are companies and designers, that, with the typical approach of genius, have realised a dream, a space-container that changes, a new system of communication where contents can be updated easily by a remote access: Sensitive Space System, fruit of 3M’s technological contribution, of the designing intuition and of the innovative concept of Crea International and the interactive solutions of iO.
Modular and interacting walls of light that embrace the product or the display and confer to it a unique sensorial importance. A highly technological product. Space becomes a container without dimension, infinite, where wisely dosed light becomes leit-motiv that contains and describes the volumes and diffused communication. Space is virtually defined through the semi-transparent walls on which images, videos, texts and dynamic lights may be projected. No visual impediment exists to the depth of field, with the sensation of being immersed in a vast and multimedia dimension of visual perceptions, fine sounds, aromas and lights that evolve. Space transforms, from static container, made up of hardware components, to software dimension made of light that changes and configures depending on its needs.

The basic element of Sensitive Space System is the LightWall, a progressive lighting-technique, a wall of light able to allow anyone to use their hand as if it were the cursor of a mouse and interact with the company advertising at the sales points.
The Sensitive Space System project is indicated for home, office, entertainment, hotel and transit area applications. The most immediate perceptible use is that of the retail sales points, particularly the most progressive ones in terms of technological solutions able to supply a renovated experiential encounter with the product. Through the system stores may be continuously renovated with a minimum investment. The space may be tele-managed and interactive and informative communication interchanged via net, so as to create “the store of the future”: less hardware and more software, the least possible in terms of fixed furniture, with advertising being the absolute protagonist together with the product. The store becomes a new physical entity, a sensitive system capable of synthesizing and expressing the universe of a brand’s connotations, allowing maximum interactivity with the product: an active store, never static in order to involve and continuously grasp the curiosity of its visitors.

                                                 Pier Giorgio Cozzi 
                                                Promotion Magazine



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