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Branded content strategies

Del: 29/09/2006

Due to the numerous media and the growning cynicism of customers towards commercials instead of interrupting the entertainment contents (music, shows, documentaries, films) brands have started creating them.
The main goals are those of involving and entertaining consumers in order to have them pleasantly spend their time with the brand.

Here are some examples:

Who: Mountain Dew
Where: USA






Mountain dew has produced a film centred on the young culture of snowborders: “First descent”

Who: BMW









BMW has launched a series of audio books to listen to while driving.

who: agent Provocateur






It has produced several films directed by the famous director Mike Figgis.
I video sono presenti sul sito

Who: Burger King







  Burger king has launched its own band: The “Coq roc”

Who: Tonka Hasbro







In collaboration with Paramount Pictures, Tonka has launched a series of DVDs that tell the adventures of their toys.

Who: Dr Martin
Where: UK








Dr Martin has launched a series made up of six documentaries called “Veer, Outside ordinary” that tells about the life of people out of the ordinary.

Who: Pirelli
where: Italy












Pirelli has launched a film on-line “The call” having starring John Malkovich and Naomi Campbell.

Who: Jeep
Where: USA






Jeep has launched its thematic channel on the mobile with MobiTV. At the moment 500,000 users can use the contents created by JEEP.

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