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Espressamente, the new ’illy bar concepts’

Del: 09/10/2006

Illycaffè contacts Nomen Italia for the creation of an international sign that identifies its own “illy bar concepts”.
Today these bars represent an innovative formula, defined by illycaffè so as to revitalize the image of the “illy bars” and give them further uniformity and coherence as far as advertising concerns.
In order to make the link with the illy brand clearer, Nomen principally studied the naming strategy most suitable for a new sign according to the objectives of the project. Therefore two distinct settings were detected and were to be considered for the creation of a new name.

- the new “illy bar concepts” (IBC) as the expansion of the illy brand
- the new “illy bar concepts” (IBC) as the creation of a proper brand

The two naming strategies employed can be summed up in the following way:

1. choosing the name as brand definition of the illy brand, the IBC become a new initiative, just as the illy Collection, illy Words or illy Mind have been. So, the naming strategy proves to be very clear: the illy brand followed by an English noun. It is a binominal structure, made up of the guaranteed brand + the brand product. The name to be found, therefore, conveys still another accent to the illy brand without “getting a head of it”. But it is necessary to consider even the cons of this strategy: the illy brand is already remarkably visible within the sales points, illy becomes in charge of any poor quality product or service in the sales point, and in the end it obstructs the offer diversification (co-marketing, format retail..) since the illy brand is a synonym of coffee.
2. creating instead a new brand, illy serves as a guarantee, but the name of the sign works by itself. The strategy is innovative for illy and it does not risk the dispersion of its very values; the name illy does not appear on the sign, but it is clearly present in the sales point; this is a “mono-brand” strategy. In this case the new name is original and characteristic. The new brand version + “by illy” is furthermore a way to better evaluate the new brand.

From the research carried out by the Boston Consulting Group on the European market trend, on the analysis of the illy Retail business and on indication of the development coordinates in the period 2004-2006, the second hypothesis of creation seemed to better respond to the importance given to the project.

The areas to be expressed in the meaning of the name were the following:

ITALY: meant as Italianism of style and elegance (good taste)

- RELATION: meant as experience, involvement, encounter with one’s self, with the coffee world and emotion
- BAR: meant as a place, welcoming environment and unique atmosphere

The concept of Italianism is fundamental for the illy brand, that on the other hand is hardly perceived abroad. In order to communicate the Italianism of the name it is possible to simultaneously work on two levels:
- phonetic level , using a word from the Italian lexicon or a word that sounds Italian.
- semantic level, using a word that clearly refers to the Italian world
- Italy recalls two different worlds:
- “The VIP Italy” expressed by fashion and design, but even genuine and fresh as in the Mediterranean world
- “The Cheap”Italy already communicated by many pizzerias (Bella Napoli), the Italy of crime and confusion

Nomen’s job was to find the words that recall a strong and elegant Italianism, capable of making both Italians and foreigners dream and be involved.

The areas to express in the style of the name were:
- BEAUTY: “beautiful and good”
- MODERNITY: design and vogue
- QUALITY: ethics and passion for excellence

After repeated meetings with the illycaffè managers, the creative research was further refined and it was brought into focus as follows:
- the fantasy names created based on a recognisable word were considered the most interesting
- names composed of more than one word (Senso del Gusto) or the dictionary words (Affinità) were not further explored

Based on the final presentation the chosen name was Espressamente.

Espressamente is an easy name to read and memorize on an international level.
In Italy it recalls the adverb espressamente: “in an unmistakable way, explicit, suitable.
The name expresses, the idea of an environment ‘made specially for you, dedicated to the customer. At the same time it plays with the word espresso, recalling the world of Italian coffee and bars.
The numerous linguistic verifications carried out show that in the Romance languages the name is often associated with the idea of “dedicated, with the purpose, suitable” In the Anglo-Saxon languages, espressamente recalls the espresso coffee and Italy.
In conclusion to complete the message the harmonic sonority and the length of the name (5 syllables), that suggest the coffee break to be savoured with taste and slowness, as if it were a ritual.

                                                     Luca Ventura 


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