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Remarkable cases

Del: 09/10/2006


Imagination is one of the secrets for implementing successful marketing strategies. The following two cases, which we have hunted down around the world, confirm that- at times- even with no consistent budget, companies can surprise consumers and make their own brand a “love brand”.


Everyday, in America, 80 thousand workers loose their jobs, while 4 and a half million people do not have health insurance: Working America, the biggest American association constituted to defend the rights of the people has been protecting them- for years.
Through every means, including the Net, that was the protagonist of the last social initiative, created to make the Americans aware of the mobbing problem and its consequences on a psychological and physical level. The tool used was an online contest called : “My Bad Boss” To participate the workers edited a brief text with the description of their boss and of the harassments inflicted by him. The prize to be won was a holiday in a dream location, away from the office and above all from the “bad boss”.
The prize was won by the secretary of a dentist that told- with great shock on behalf of the Americans- how her boss in September 2001, because the many cancellations (due to the collapsing of the Twin Towers), had deducted 100 dollars from the employees’ pay checks.
“What could a man, who earns one million dollars every year do with my 13 dollars an hour?” snapped the girl in her online story, worth a week of well-deserved vacation.

The contest that was diffused virally among American workers thanks to the email, obtained an unexpected success: in five weeks, during which the users- before registering- had not only written, but also voted for the best story, 500 thousand were the visitors and 2 million the page views, with a remarkable peak of registrations to the association and to its visibility, even well beyond national boarders.


If the client does not go to the store, it is the store that goes to the client: the guerrilla marketing philosophy is simple, one of the last inventions to meet the clients, surprising them and making them have fun.
Lee Jeans knows well, that in France in the past weeks it was made the protagonist of a guerrilla campaign right in the heart of the capital, with positive effects on the approval of their brands and - by reflection- on their sales.

In order to launch the opening of a new mono-brand boutique in the fourth arrondissement and advertise it with impact on the potential consumers, an operation was studied so as to leave no one indifferent, not even the most distracted pedestrians. Many pairs of jeans were, in fact, fixed to the poles between the street and sidewalks, others between balconies, like clothes drying in the sun, while the gas manholes were covered with stickers and advertising posters.
In order to reinforce the advertising campaign, some Lee colourful flyers were placed in the pockets of the most appealing and resistant jeans of fashion beyond the Alps.
There was an immediate feedback: the passers-by, out of curiosity, crowded the store everyday of the “street” display generating word-of-mouth advertising that crossed the citizen boarders.
An operation of this kind, quoting the creative minds of the agency that created the display, not only allows to stimulate the potential client and communicate with him through experimental languages, but it also allows to have an immediate discovery of their moods and impressions on the product and on the business choices.” Up to now Lee Jeans has demonstrated to anticipate the competitors and to create a new way of interaction, placing itself as a vogue brand, daring and charming”
And the results turned up……

                                                       Rossella Ivone


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