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Made in Italy

Del: 16/10/2006

In the past weeks Daniela Vezza, a Lombard entrepreneur, onset on an all female challenge that right in the Milan of fashion launched a new brand.
This is a tangible sign that Sistema Italia needs innovative and courageous companies to make its way in the crowded international panorama. Especially in a moment like this when the progress of the Orient is ever more biting.
We interviewed her because her real commercial “ battle” is with the Orient that often frightens us, and which, for Daniela Vezza is only a land to conquer with the “made in Italy” weapon.

First of all by curiosity, what’s the reason for this bet ?
I think its beautiful to start all over again. As a jewellery designer I thought of creating something that didn’t exist yet. I started off from my demand, as an ever travelling women who always has to be elegant on every occasion. Generally it is necessary to leave with big suitcases, packed with clothes, accessories and jewels,.. Tired of all this, I started from my personal need to have all that’s necessary in a small space, no sweat. An elegant piece of clothing doesn’t need further frills. This way I feel comfortable during all the occasions that occur.

Which target is the collection addressed to?
The target is at its height. We are talking about people who live the jet set. The Daniela Vezza woman is a classy, dynamic and elegant woman.

Through which media channels do you wish to promote your activity?
Certainly, through the several fashion channels, from women magazines, tv, press but the best advertising is always the purchaser that dresses Vezza and makes the brand and its qualities known to others.

How much is the percentage of the budget available for advertising?
At the moment we can’t talk about figures. The first testimonials are my clients that automatically promote the brand around the world.

Which are the markets that you want to impress?
The markets that I aim at, besides the Italian one, are the emerging rich ones, the future of the worldwide market, like India and China and Russia. These markets are already rich and in continuous expansion and opening. Clearly the European and American markets wont be left out since they have always been attentive to the quality and taste of the Belpaese “Beautiful Country”.

                                                         Rossella Ivone


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