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Grassroot Marketing: the language of teenager!

Del: 16/10/2006

A non conventional and extremely flexible approach, an interactive relation with the consumer, through the use of non conventional media, for a profitable relationship in a medium/long period: conquer the consumers through the…consumers!
Grassroot Marketing speaks their language; the language of the Eastpak company, for example, reflects the language of a ‘youth target‘.

Eastpak considered that the young target is particularly fond of the Internet, and that messages are more and more conveyed through the viral marketing techniques (these two elements have given birth to powerful viral media like YouTube, MySpace, and Messenger); furthermore, the company has decided to use the sponsoring of events in order to actuate its own marketing strategies. The sponsoring of an event, in fact, constitutes an efficient direct tool of interaction, favouring a rapport of belonging between the DNA of the brand and the values system that embodies the event.
Therefore, two unprecedented promotional campaigns were created: ‘Travel Different’ and ‘’. They represent two success history cases on the application of the new viral marketing techniques, exploiting the Net potential and sponsorship operations.

The ‘Travel Different’ campaign was planned to promote the luggage line, reversing the diffused use that travellers have of wrapping in cellophane their luggage. The pay off was ‘Built to resist’, and indicated the indestructibility of the product.
Many travellers at the airports of Orio al Serio (MI) and Ciampino (Ro) suddenly assisted to the wrapping in cellophane of a man (an actor), contemporarily to the distribution of informative material to young passengers on behalf of a flight attendant. Afterwards, operations of viral marketing were carried out on the main filesharing (download on
Outcome: the visibility of the product has remarkably increased and Eastpak was able to enter the new market.

‘’, on the other hand, aimed at the use of the social phenomenon, the flashmob, as a brand marketing tool and as the expression of pure creativity. So the site was created, here the character Bill embodies the father of the flashmob and ‘bill2’ means ‘Built to resist’. A viral marketing campaign in the city of Milan followed this, through stickering and flyers distributed in the places most frequented by the target of reference, up to the realisation of the first flashmob: a pillow fight!
Finally, the video-photographic exhibition ‘The flashmob People’, a second flashmob, up to the forth…The visibility of the brand was displayed through the exhibition and the community spontaneously made up around the Bill character.
Outcome: feedback, in terms of image, on behalf of the media and the internet community.
Grassroot Marketing: ‘resistant’ strategy!

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                                                       Deborah Baldasarre







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