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A winning ….Daisy!

Del: 16/10/2006

We have all had an idol in our lives, a hero (like those in the fairytales) in whom we have identified ourselves. Even companies often have an idol, with whom their target identifies itself: Guru has, just, the testimonial, that is, ‘the model of inspiration to tend to feel important, strong and desired’.

The idea was born by an intuition of its inventor and founder, Matteo Cambi, who in 1999 decided to identify himself in a fairytale …lifestyle, affecting everyone. So, the idol becomes, the mirror of the Guru brand, whose logo is represented by a simple daisy, with a style that recalls the flower designed by a child, and whose name is captivating and universal.

From about twenty t-shirts and sweaters, it got to millions of products sold worldwide. But how did the start up of this exponential growth of popularity of the brand happen? The explanation is in two words: viral marketing, an advertising model used within environments related to the characteristics of the brand.

At the beginning, Matteo would take his t-shirts with him all the time, giving them as gifts to his friends and famous people he met in the most trendy clubs; everyone started wanting them and would wear them more and more, especially on mundane occasions.
The idea gives life to the project: the daisy t-shirt becomes the object of undisputed desire; within that summer 200.000 were sold, then this amount becomes 3 million in 3 years.
The brand rockets and now the mission is to grow and consolidate: investment is made for what concerns managment ability, business structure, product development and internationalisation.
The way is open to the total look (man- woman- child) meant for street couture.

The company does not forget its history and continues to diffuse the product entrusting a testimonial with its image in Italy and abroad.
An example for everyone is Fernando Alonso, F1 World Champion. His young and fresh, dynamic and winning image represents at its best the spirit of the company and has brought positive results, especially in Spain.

The marketing rules are, this way, demolished: instead of entering a market with a structured strategy and traditionally understood, Guru experiences immediately a non premeditated viral marketing; the word of mouth causes a sensation even more powerful and effective of any advertising image.

Subsequently, advertising on the road goes along with the traditional advertising: in the advertising campaigns the famous characters become the idols of the Guru fairytale, they tell stories through the episodes that diffuse the brand essence.

Many companies have tried the same strategies, using celebrities, but ‘Can the brand strategy focus only on the use of celebrities?’. “Absolutely not - claims Alessandra Iovinella, Guru Marketing Director – the phenomenon was consolidated giving birth to a company of 117 employees, about 100 million euro of predicted turnover for 2006, direct mono-brand stores: the winning solution is an integrated and articulated model, in which the close relationship with the brand makes the difference and the direct experience of the consumer is the confirmation of the choice of sides. Thus, advertising at 360°”. All this allows to be closer to the consumer.

                                                                   Deborah Baldasarre


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