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Will faith manage to save us?

Del: 16/10/2006

Madeleine Albright.
Was the first woman to be Secretary of State in the history of the USA.

In a particularly steaming and unstable political climate the question is one of those that makes you wonder: can religion and politics be allies for the interest of global peace?
Probably the answer to such a question clearly separates the believers from the atheists, which is to say those who appoint to their faith unlimited power and those who are armed with rigid rationality and exclusively confide in the will and ability of men. Madeleine Albright surely falls within the category of the believers and her last book seems to want to show hope for optimism in the darkness that obscures our times.

The 64th Secretary of State of the United States of America, fervent Catholic who has recently discovered her own Jewish roots, though recognising the drama of some situations and the terrorist threat, she tries to dim the tones and she rejects the thesis according to which there could be in act a “clash of civilizations”. She watches President Bush with a critical eye while he invokes God to fight “evil”, “Madam Secretary” is however convinced that religion is the keystone for facing certain delicate international relations.

Today religion, as Albright explained to the American television PBS, during an interview released to discuss her new book ( The Mighty and the Almighty: Reflections on America, God and World Affairs), is interlaced with foreign affairs in a new way since the religious issues become more and more a factor of increasing problems. The point is that people think they understand some of the religious motivations without, however, having studied their behind-the-scenes enough: that is why reason the most suitable solution in order to redeem those apparently relentless contrasts would be to actively involve the religious leaders, trying to understand the religious background of the conflicts.

Her thesis is therefore that religion should be used to detect the unifying elements, looking at all the Abrahamic religions, in a way or another, they are crossed by threads running through them like justice, charity, peace and love.

America is a very religious nation but the interpretation of religion given by the Bush administration has reduced the flocks of supporters: in fact it claims to have God on its side while, quoting President Lincoln, Albright believes it is best to be on God’s side.

In spite of the controversies risen by the American foreign affairs towards the Middle East, one need not be convinced that the idea of promoting democracy in those countries is a mistake, since the opposite of such behaviour would mean to make oneself an accomplice of the governments that operate without the approval of their people.
In spite of her fervent faith, “Madam Secretary” continues to be a diplomat and continues to believe in the traditional diplomacy as the precious tool of approach and understanding of the realities different from one’s own.

                                                                  Augusta Leante
                                                                  HSM - Inspiring Ideas





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