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Daddy’s Tool Bag

Del: 27/10/2006


It is the last American gimmick and – it seems to be chalking up a huge success overseas.
We are talking about the Daddy’s Tool Bag, a travelling bag thought up for all new daddies.

The idea at the root is very original: supply all “daddies”, with a tool thought up especially for them, since- often – due to the fluidity of the family roles, they have to look after their babies. The advertising to launch the travelling bag for daddies is innovative, all centred on the web and the viral power of blogs,- which from dad to dad- is going around the USA.

Realised with an all male design, by the decisive shapes and super resistant material, the “daddy bag promises to extinguish the false myth of the clumsy man forever”, not only with a set of tools tailored for new daddies, but also with audio and video support.

Forty-five minutes in all, that are needed to describe what to do in emergency situations like…giving the baby a bath or managing sudden sobbing.

Enriching the new daddy set is a plastic surface, suitable for the changing of the baby (matching the the colour of the bag) and a phone card for calling the company in case of urgent questions and last minute problems.

“This bag is comfortable, nice and easy to handle- it reassures “daddies” in its blog- and it goes against the stereotype of the daddy who is clumsy with his own children….I can’t do without it when I go out with my baby…It has helped me in many embarrassing situations …”.
A true lifesaver, therefore, according to what is reported by the American daddy-bloggers…
A cure-all both for the daddies and the mommies, who- thanks to this new product- can better manage their time.
Too bad it has not been marketed in Italy yet.

                                            Rossella Ivone


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