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Viral Marketing, brand, tool

Del: 27/10/2006


When the “contagion” is more effective than the traditional tools

Since its strategic role has been understood, publicity, meant as above the line tout court, is considered, often rightly and sometimes wrongly, the queen of the advertising plans of the most successful companies, the diamond tip of the most articulated marketing strategies, a source of joy and torment of the best advertising experts. Not only… The appearance of its most popular expansion, that of the television spots, has contributed to increase in another way the popularity and resonance changing it into a phenomenon of study among the most studied phenomena, assuring unknown individuals of the launch in the circle of popularity, to companies and products billed staggeringly, unconceivable without its contribution. However, the extraordinary communicative entropy that characterizes the daily nature of the international competitive context just like an approach to the means of communication more and more critical and individualist has started to re-dimension the irreplaceable nature and allure of exceptionality of this tool, highlighting, if not the limits, certainly a weakening of its effectiveness in terms of return on both the investment and the awareness.
Today, one wonders is it plausible, to make marketing, broadly speaking (and, in particular, to build visibility and brand identity) without turning back to advertising? A million dollar question, in certain ways, similar to what many entrepreneurs ask themselves about the possibility to make huge sales volumes without a commercial net, relying on the strength and recognition of their brand, on the quality of the product/service that they distribute as well as on the standing and professionalism of the people that represent its soul.
The answer is yes, it seems possible. At least it does seem possible on paper. At least on the Web, where the word-of-mouth, undisputed protagonist of the “Viral Marketing” phenomenon is progressively becoming a phenomenon of great diffusion exploited by companies to diffuse among a circumscribed group of users, ideas, opinions and experiences with definite marketing purposes.
Viral Marketing, actually, exploits the typical propagation mechanisms of viruses, entities that self-perpetuate and self-diffuse in an exponential way, generating real contagions, whose main goal is configured in the diffusion of “value and innovation”.

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                                          Paola Lazzarini
                                                      Management Consultant 
                                                      Cegos Italia

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