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Autumn, budget time even for the search marketing

Del: 03/11/2006

With the arrival of autumn, most companies, start the budget hunt; an overwhelming struggle between the ones who keep their wallets well-zippered up and those who, called to define the communication activities, marketing and advertising for the following year, often have to do somersaults to obtain the necessary money to be able to move.
For some years, even the search engine marketing has been falling within the preoccupations of who, even here in Italy, has to define a budget.
And often there are problems. We all agree on the ever more effectiveness of the research engines to promote products or services since, moreover, the information found through the engines more and more frequently influence the decisions and the purchases of who is seeking (see:; and we all agree that, among the great advantages of the search marketing, there are:
- the possibility to be able to promote oneself even with limited investments
- the possibility to be able to measure and trace all (or almost all) of what the promotion activity produces in the engines
- the possibility to be able to carry out campaigns in real time or almost, so to limit the waste of money.

And yet, and this I admit as a field expert, it is not easy to define a priori how much money to invest, and it is not even easy to produce the documentation that will have to convince the company “C-level” to approve the plans and allocate the relative money. Also because, frequently, the money for the keyword advertising is an average budget, while the money for optimization is an IT budget, with the two departments that probably do not even communicate.

But how? Now there is talk about a five-year-period of search marketing of the killer application to promote one’s self, lots of international research by institutes also prestigious, have ruled its tremendous effectiveness and abroad the investments in search marketing now overcome generously half of all that is invested online, and is it still so difficult to justify the request of investments at the level of this tool?
Well, yes, this is still the situation. For different reasons, from the legitimate ones to the more “political” ones (especially where third parties decide how and where to allocate the budgets), the money destined for research engines is still a minimum fraction of that destined altogether to advertising and to marketing.
What can be done?
Since it is not a magic formula, I will give some useful indications to those who are still in the situation of having to decide how and how much to invest in search engine marketing, based on the activities that they want to set out.

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                                       Marco Loguercio
                                                    Fondatore ed amministratore 
                                                    Sems S.r.l.

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