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Web Advertising

Del: 10/11/2006


Advertising on the Internet is growing at a brisk pace: the recent sector data confirms it, which witnesses how – in these past years – the web has become the media with the most rapid development, with further growth margins for the near future.

Immediate positive feedback of the users, the possibility to calculate with extreme precision the return of investments, interaction with the users and contained costs compared to traditional advertising: this is the drive that has brought the online to a rapid jump ahead in a few months.

A real revolution, due not only to the penetration of the Net around the world (with exponential peaks in the Orient, where it has landed on a large scale only at the beginning of this year), but also to the diffusion of the broadband, that has allowed the Web to become the favourite media among young Americans (according to the Pew Research in 2005 more than half of the American teenagers has created its own content on the Internet, while 66.2% has stated to prefer online to TV).

Advertising has benefited from this favourable situation, that has registered an increase of 2% compared to 2005.
A race that will accelerate in 2007 when – according to the estimates of Zenith Optimedia- advertising on the Web will overcome the outdoor one, while in 2008 it could directly put on the same level radio investments.

According to the research carried out by Zenith Optimedia, up to 2008 the investments on the Web will grow more rapidly compared to the worldwide economy, attracting 6.5% of the total advertising expense, equal to 20 billion dollars.

Even more optimistic are the studies of Forrester Research, that talk about investments of approximately 26 billion in 2011 in the USA, further proof of the enthusiasm that rotates around the online advertising, after years of scepticism towards its effectiveness.

In the medium-long term period the privileged model of advertising will be confirmed by the Search Engine Marketing (SEM), which is the advertising through the research engines, that will permanently supplant the use the banners.

Great things are expected by the SEM, by the end of the year when the sector will have reached 6.5 billion dollars, covering 41% of the advertising online.


                                                Rossella Ivone


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