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Superbrands - Corporate Responsability

Del: 16/11/2006

Superbrands introduces its new volume dedicated to Corporate Responsability

In these years the marketing oriented companies have “grown”, they have developed, and many of them have understood that their “sustainable approach” to business can represent one of the most effective marketing levers to differentiate their own brand and make it appealing to the eyes of the most sensitive consumers. The corporate responsibility of the companies implies not only a new way of doing business and a new vision of the productive model in respect to all the interlocutors, from within and out of the company, but also a cultural and business change which, inevitably, even those that deal with marketing and brand, need to keep in mind.

The attention of the consumer towards companies and brands that conduct themselves “ethically” is greater and more rewarding. Consequently, the commitment of the companies towards the corporate responsibility and the achievement of a sustainable development, in time, becomes more and more essential. Besides the multinationals that were the first that evidently faced these matters, even other companies are developing approaches and tools for the management of corporate aspects and within their own strategic and competitive activities.
Companies have understood that in order to remain competitive in the medium and long term period, they cannot do without joining the economic responsibilities with the corporate ones: almost an obligation that has become an objective in order to make the enterprise grow and live better.

It is well-known, in literature and managerial practice, that the performance of an enterprise depends on the different intangible elements (intangible assets) like the value of knowledge and the ability to innovate, the approval and the trust of the different categories of stakeholders, the reputation and, ultimately, the availability to contribute to the wellness of the community.
Although up to today a lot of research is trying to study the analysis of the possible correlation between Corporate Social Responsibility and economic-financial performances, a more and more increasing number of companies is adopting a socially responsible conduct.
In this direction the CSR activities contribute, in a prospective of lasting development for the enterprise, to the creation of value and it is therefore able to generate a competitive advantage for the company.

The objective of the new volume of the Superbrands series (CSR, outbound in November) is that of building in time an authoritative and sensible report of the Corporate Social Responsibility through the detection of reality (companies and brands) that perform a meaningful role in the Italian economic and social context.
Through the account of the activities of sustainability and responsibility of these enterprises the goal is to create the visibility of the investments of companies in the sector of the corporate responsibility and favour the confrontation and the debate among those who works in the sector.

                                                                   Michele Boroni


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