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Interactive bag

Del: 16/11/2006



Besides being surfaces on which to publicize one’s own brand with logos and store addresses, shopping bags become “interactive bags” between advertising images and consumers. Here are some creative examples of this gimmick:

Who: China’s Blood Transfusion
Where: China

The research for donators takes place in shopping centers, through the distribution of shopping bags provided with a bag for blood and simulating, in its handle, a transfusion in act. “Sometimes saving a life is just as easy as doing the shopping”








Who: Aspe Crime Stories, VTM TV channel
Where: Brussels

Distributed with the purchase of thrillers. People would walk in the middle of the street with a gun in their hands, empathizing with the protagonists.








Who: Fitness Company
Shopping and exercising with weights.








Who: Stop ‘n grow

Nail polish used to stop biting nails.
“Do you bite your nails? Stop ‘n grow will help you”








Who: Blush, lingerie store
Dove: Canada

Carrying a bag shows the lingerie in correspondence to the covered part of the body.









Who: Panadol Extra, painkiller , Where: Hong Kong

The sensation of pain is given by the creases of the bag.








Who: Foschini, clothing brand
Where: South Africa

The bags represented on the shopping bags are those of the new Foschini collection.







Who: YKM, clothing chain store
Dove: Turchia

The image of the athlete that exercises with a rope using the bag handle.







Who: Alinna, , jewellery store

The handle of the bag changes into a necklace that delicately lays on the neck of the underlying image.





Who: Pantene

  With Pantene, hair becomes resistant enough to hold the bag.









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