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Whisky and engines for the Johnnie Walker Black Label spot

Del: 23/11/2006


Sport goes on TV, and becomes a spot. More and more frequently, in fact, advertising resorts to modern heroes, handsome and rich men, icons of the contemporary era, sex symbols of our time: the sportsmen. He is a Formula 1 pilot, Kimi Raikkonen, testimonial of the advertising campaign of the well-known Johnnie Walker Black Label whisky.
The storyboard of the spot is the following: two top guns clash in a sunny sky, they land on a open sea aircraft platform, the two airplanes turn into two Formula 1 cars. The duel starts again: two single-seats chase each other around a race track, they cross the finishing line, one of the pilots gets out of the vehicle, takes his helmet off, walks confidently facing the amazement of the public and pilots.

The philosophy that the company wants to communicate through the product perfectly transpires from this spot each one of us can achieve his/her own goal with determination and will, it is necessary to believe in one’s own dreams and not stop when faced with the obstacles that life sets for us.
Johnnie Walker ‘s choice to sponsor the McLaren Mercedes team is not by chance: in fact, it approaches, the worldwide number one scotch whisky deluxe, owned by Diageo (global company leader in the sector of premium alcoholic beverages) in the Formula 1 world, associating the theme of drinking to the driving one, in order to diffuse the important message of driving responsibly. The concept is also expressed by the claim Take the lead drink responsibly.
As General Manager of Diageo Italia ,Sandro Sartor affirms, “Formula 1, actually, represents for us a unique opportunity to make the public aware of the importance of responsible drinking that, in the world of engines, focuses on the theme of drinking and driving, actions that should never coexist”.

The creativity of the campaign is by the English agency BBH and readjusted for Italy by Leo Burnett; the spot, called Dogfight, will be present in the major Italian theatres till the end of the year, while from mid December it will move to some of the main information sites..

                                                      Serena Poerio







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