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The market of luxury yacts

Del: 23/11/2006

The market of luxury sailing constitutes, for the characteristics of the market target and trends , the most appealing and interesting business category in the pleasure sailing sector.
Such attraction finds confirmation in the recent entrance of new international “players”, some of which already operating in the sector of luxury goods: we are speaking of brands like Bulgari, Ferragamo, Dredner Kleinwort Capital, etc.

The Italian nautical industries take on a role of primary importance within the global market of luxury sailing, showing pride in their internationally competitive ability.
The growing interest in the luxury sailing business derives essentially from two factors. First of all, from the progress of the luxury sailing market that introduces itself as untrendy compared to many other sectors of the economy (fashion, jewellery, etc.); it may seem incredible but the Italian nautical enterprises have not manifested any defection faced with a new worldwide economic –political scenario; on the contrary, it tends to affirm ulteriorly the trend towards more and more larger vessels. Even for this reason sailing, today, is one of the leading sectors of the made in Italy to the extent that it is natural to speak of sailing made in Italy.

The other element is represented by the evolution of the concept of luxury that today sees the achievement of a new paradigm, that of “advanced luxury” within which the luxury yachts present a non exiguous competitive positioning. The "advanced luxury", compared to the "traditional luxury", is essentially characterized for greater "intimacy and familiarity" with the "top range" compared to the sole appearance of luxury.

                                                   Davide Benedetto



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