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“EGOPY” the new way to purchase on-line

Del: 01/12/2006

The project

It is a mainly female clothing line, casual and sportswear exclusively distributed on-line. The products are made in Italy, therefore having a strong emphasis on the Made in Italy, the accuracy in the use of innovative materials and the high quality. Moreover, they propose an extreme personalization of the offer through the production of tailored dresses aiming at middle-high positioning on the market.

The creative process

Nomen’s work has defined above all:
- The concepts to convey with the name
- The typology and the style of the clothing line name
Having defined these points, Nomen carried out an aimed creation, a legal identity screening in the legal classes25 (clothing items) and 35 (advertising and management of commercial business) in Italy, France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom, in the international registration (The Madrid Agreement), and in the international registration of communitary trademarks.
A verification on .it and .com domains and a linguistic verification in the main European countries were carried out.
After the briefing meeting and the repeated meetings with the managers, the following guideline-concepts, for the research of the name, emerged.
- SEDUCTION: pleasure, emotional, smooth sensation and not Hyper instinctive
- UNIQUENESS: distinctiveness
- MADE IN ITALY: sobriety, aesthetic sense
- ON-LINE: everywhere, versatility

The creative iter was focused on the documentary research and creative productions in Italy and abroad, on a brainstorming group made up of 7 Nomen Italia namewriters and on creation software.
The name sought had to be associative or invented, with a sweet and open sonority, in Italian, English, French or of Latin and Greek origin. The creative research was centred on the analysis and study of two specific areas. An area called “character” in which the guideline-concepts of seduction and uniqueness stand, and another called “line” area in which the concepts of the Made in Italy and the on-line stand.
During the several presentations the name options containing hard group consonants was left behind.
About 3000 names were created and after several selections and presentations it came down to a list of 15 names, 7 of which were discarded due to legal reasons.
Therefore, eight were the final names considered suitable and interesting for the new clothing line.

The name

After a long and intense creative process, Egopy was the name chosen. It is easy to pronounce and readable in all the European languages, almost evoking the ego everywhere, the inner self, the personality, the rapidity and the modernity.
Egopy is a name of impact. It is the fruit of the fusion of two concepts that recall the philosophy of living and the expression of oneself since it expresses clearly the idea of identity and of a strong personality.
It results being right for a clothing line with a strong and decisive character, where the items become a way of expressing oneself and treating oneself to a gift.
At last the name resulted to be free both legally and as a domain name.
Egopy is in line with the on-line sales since it recalls the world of technology and modernity. It is suitable for a young, independent and self-confident target, that wants to show its personality and way of being.

                                                      Luca Ventura 


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