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Del: 11/12/2006

In September a video was broadcast on internet showing four Spanish individuals stealthily breaking into the Parliament and taking away the chair of Zapatero.

Our fellows call themselves “4 gatos” and besides videotaping the entire operation, they created a blog where they introduce themselves and describe their sensitivity towards themes of this kind. On the site one can also find the video of the theft, the drawing of the map of the parliament as well as a picture of the group with the chair, while in the street, stickers with the logo of the band speak of them.
The case explodes rapidly and journalists around the world start talking about this fact that sounds incredible. Even the police start investigating since this theft remarkably embarrasses the security men of the Parliament.

In fact, it ends up being a hoax in which only a small portion of the video has been really videotaped in the parliament chamber . The theft never took place (the chair that in the video is lowered from a window, has no arm support, while the chair of the president does, and that very window shown in the video is different from those of the Palacio de las Cortes) and the “4 gatos” do not exist: the “thieves” of the chairs are only actors. According to what the police has been able to rapidly certify, the guys actually entered the building, thanks to the complicity of a high official moved by the beneficial purpose of the operation.

The “theft” that has now become a cult on the Internet, marks a new sensational hit of Tiempo Bbdo, advertising agency, the same agency that months ago launched a fake anti-Mtv campaign commissioned by the music TV itself through a song, that exhorts prenuptial virginity, sung by the 4 “Sinless Youngsters”.

In this case, instead, the “Millenium Campaign” of the United Nations promoted the initiative, organizing the 16 October as the day “Standing against poverty”, with the purpose of making the public opinion aware on the hunger in the world. The message is clear, and it is the same that appears on the paper written in pen and placed during the “blitz” in the Parliament:: "Zapatero, the 16th October, stand against poverty”. Stand, since we took away your chair ….

When interviewed, the creative manager of the Siscu Molina campaign, affirms: “The truth is that the activity just got right out of our control”. The video was shot on Thursday, edited on Friday and circulated on the Net on Saturday with an extraordinary result of 50.000 viewers in the span of a few hours. He continues speaking of the Internet "... a tool of incredible possibilities, that allows to broadcast anything in one event. We (from Tiempo Bbdo) are moving more and more in this direction".

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