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“Merry Christmas”- From Coca-cola

Del: 14/12/2006

During the Christmas season we are subject to numerous visual, auditive, olfactory stimuli that take us back to the magic atmosphere of those days
. The means of communication host arrays of messages embellished ad hoc for the occasion, we are bombarded by a series of television spots and advertising campaigns linked to the Christmas theme.
In the papers, on the web and TV Santa Clauses and season’s greetings spread, and yet in this indistinct crowd of products, there are some that catalyse our attention.
Among the “all-time” Christmas campaigns, we want to point out the one by Coca-Cola, a product that, although remaining the same, always renews its packaging and advertising: from collecting the one thousand Coca-Cola can designs, to remembering the spots created in order to increase the awareness. Therefore, at Christmas, punctual like a Swiss watch, right off the boat and onto the television screens and other media where we can all see the season’s greetings from Coca-Cola.

This year the new advertising campaign plays with the most profound memories linked to the most magical holiday of the year, proposing a spot for the holidays, on air from the 12th November having as its protagonist Santa Claus. The figure of this character, linked to the world of kids but also to the adult world, was used for the first time by the well-known brand in 1931, when the Coca-Cola Company commissioned the illustrator Haddon Sundblom to develop some advertising images using Santa Claus. The same image of the pot-bellied, Lappish character is used in this year’s Christmas campaign.

In 30 seconds the commercial retraces the crucial moments of a young girl’s life, whose most beautiful memories are linked to the encounters with Santa Clause: a simple gift received by Santa Claus gives the girl the inspiration to live optimistically. An amusing surprise ending for this spot, that reminds us how much Coca-Cola is linked both to moments of celebration and to the most joyful memories.
The creativity of this advertising wants to underline the authentic pleasure that is behind the simple gesture of giving, and reminds you how giving, instead of receiving, is a much more optimistic and positive way to face everyday life.

The advertising campaign on the Internet was well-designed. You link on a mini-site, created for the occasion, realised in Adobe Flash Player, and you emerge in a Christmas atmosphere: before us a snowy city street opens. On each side of the street there is a Coca-Cola vending machine, an English style telephone booth, a neon with the writing “e-cards”: all the commands with which you can send Christmas cards to friends and relatives and find out the rules to win the Coca-Cola prizes. “Live your encounter with Santa Claus. Win plus give a gift” this is the name of the contest, through which you may win a visit from Santa Claus to your home.
The joy of all children! In stake, there are even ten trips to Lapland, the “residence” of Santa Claus. Each detail of this street is lined with messages that bring you back to the popular soft drink: partner, spot, story of the pot-bellied Santa Claus.
Each corner hides “Merry Christmas” – From Coca-Cola.

                                                                     Serena Poerio


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