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Digital marketing: the race to the gifts is done at home!

Del: 14/12/2006

With Christmas getting near the race for the gifts rages. It is faster and easier to avoid the long lines at the store cash registers and proceed, comfortably sitting in your chair through virtual shopping. The atmosphere is not exactly that of Christmas, but you avoid the crowds, prices can be compared more easily and you dodge parking and traffic problems.

The turnover that revolves around e-commerce reaches very high amounts, it is enough to know that in Italy the Internet users are estimated to be around 20 million, and from an EIAA Mediascope Europe research it results that in 2005 the average value of the articles/services purchased online in our country was among the highest in Europe.
The number of users that go to the Net to search for future purchases is strongly growing, while the average expenditure for the people interviewed who have declared to have purchased on the Internet in the past six months, is about 449.53 euros.

Which is the best period to plan a keyword advertising campaign if not near the holidays? Actually, the days before Christmas, the users have a greater inclination to buy, especially young people, who represent an easily reachable target through an appropriate advertising campaign.
Therefore, it is about a business so big that can only be tempting to the publicity advertisers and the companies that invest on the Internet.

Yahoo! has made available to its advertisers specialized professionals, account managers, in order to optimize keyword advertising campaigns through detailed research for each activity sector.
Flowers, cards and gifts: this is the category that recorded most interest in 2005, with an increment of about 55%, showing a strong interest of the surfers towards sites specialised in celebrating special days.
“Gift ideas, Christmas, New Year’s and the Christmas Vacation” were the most used words in the search engines in this ambit.
High positioning also for the electronic and computer sector, identified with the terms: videogames, console, DVD, CD/DVD burner and online robot, games, digital cameras, TVs and faxes.
Forth position for the telecommunications sector, that with the most popular words, ADSL, polyphonic ringtones, ringing tones and videophone, grew by 13% of the research volume between November and December 2005. It is a sector in great expansion in recent years, thanks to the technological and commercial offers more and more numerous and interesting.
Among the most classical gift ideas, evergreen among the Christmas gifts remains the clothing and jewellery sector, objects more and more purchased through the Internet.
Which are the words most used to identify, in this category, the gift that is just right for us?
“Jewels, clothing, watches, dresses, suits”!

                                                                     Serena Poerio


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