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Supportive Christmas at the Feltrinelli sales points

Del: 20/12/2006

Each year in Italy the number of companies that commit themselves to social projects grows: an ethical and responsible choice because it concretely helps the poorest countries in the world, but it is also a strategic choice because it responds to the demands of ever more attentive consumers.

After the success obtained last year, also this Christmas an the Feltrinelli sales points in some of the main Italian cities, COOPI volunteers are present, the non governmental organisation that for years now has been committed itself to social projects in the southern hemisphere.
In Ancona, Bologna, Brescia, Florence, Milan, Modena, Naples, Padoa, Parma, Pescara, Rome, Salerno and Turin, men and women engaged in one common project offer their help wrapping Christmas gifts, in exchange of a small contribution, that will be destined to the charity initiatives that COOPI pursues. The collaboration offered by Feltrinelli gives the Non-profit institution a good visibility: actually within the bookstores there are apposite stand settings where you can get information on COOPI, on the projects implemented and on those that are being realised at the moment.

An important goal was reached last year when, this same initiative, collected about 77.000 euros in favour of the poorest communities of the world. The ambition is that of doing the same, if not more, this year!

                                                                     Serena Poerio


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