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Social marketing in line with Christmas

Del: 20/12/2006

To all those who believe that many drops together give origin to the sea, we point out the Save the Children advertising campaign, the biggest independent international organisation for the protection and promotion of children’s rights. On the occasion of the Christmas festivities the organisation proposes to individuals and individual companies: a small gesture, many would say (a great occasion, we think) to help many children through a multiplicity of projects that Save the Children pursues.

There are many companies that invest in advertising during this period, just like this Non-profit institution, because although we believe that any day is a good day to do good deeds, it is also true that there is no better atmosphere if not the Christmas one to convey the values of peace and love to our neighbour.
In particular, each individual can request, at a very low cost, Christmas cards and wall or desk calendars, this way contributing to subsidizing the projects with the goal to protect the Children around the World.

The organisation requires a slightly bigger effort to companies, but proportioned to the different possibilities: it proposes to donate part or the whole budget traditionally destined to the Christmas gifts.
“Our invitation goes out to both individuals and companies in order to give a different value to Christmas – explains Filippo Ungaro, Save the Children Italia PR Manager - Our proposal is simple: to decide to employ the money that would be destined to the usual gifts, in favour of Save the Children projects. By doing this, a supportive gesture will transform into concrete improvements for the lives of many children in the World.”.

If companies adhere to the Corporate Christmas Campaign, Save the Children will inform the clients, employees, suppliers or friends of the same company, once the donation has been carried out, with a personalized best-wishes letter.
“Save the Children believes that companies can and should have a fundamental role in the social changes and in support of its numerous activities in favour of childhood – continues Filippo Ungaro – For this reason the auspice is that the Christmas Campaign 2006 represents a new opportunity for new collaborations and to consolidate those already existing”.

The invitation to collaborate is extended to everyone. In some countries with a small donation you can achieve great results: with 15 euros it is possible to buy 2 milk goats for a mother with small children in Mozambique, with 30 euros in Peru you can contribute to buying a kit for two families composed of three people, with cloths, blankets, soap. One hundred euros are enough to buy the wheat necessary to the needs of a family of six people in Mozambique for a year, with about 400 euros it is possible to allow 20 children to go to school for a year in the Congo Democratic Republic. One thousand euros are sufficient to provide sanitary care to 80 children in South Sudan; with about 6,900 euros it is possible, to build, in Sudan, a well near a school building, in order to give clean water to 4000 children.

                                                                    Serena Poerio


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