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A cheese prize to the fastest soccer player that makes a goal

Del: 03/01/2007

Montasio Cheese
celebrated its ten years certification of  Denominazione di Origine Protetta (meaning the cheese is produced in a specific region of Italy following well-defined traditional procedures to preserve its authenticity) with two days as a protagonist and on the occasion of Sapore di Montasio, the appointment with the great Alpine cheese that was held Saturday October 21st and Sunday 22nd in Codroipo (Udine), it launched an original marketing initiative that got sports newspapers and non, talking a lot about it.

The press agency Ideeuropee defined the initiative: the first soccer player that got a goal, in the Premier League on the 22nd of October, would receive as a gift from the Consortium for the Protection of Montasio Cheese his weight equivalent in Montasio Cheese.

So at the 3rd minute of the game, at about 3.03 pm on Sunday 22nd October, during the Atlanta-Sampdoria match, Fabio Quagliarella, the Sampdoria striker won the prize of Montasio cheese equivalent to his body weight thanks to his spectacular goal.
The soccer almanacs say he is 73 kg x 182 cm, the striker, ex Torino player, was born in Castellamare di Stabia on 30th October 1983.
The manager of the Consortium Loris Pevere and the President Antonio Moretti went to the Ligurian training field in Bogliasco (Genoa) together with the Sampdoria U.C. managers to “weigh” the blucerchiato (Sampdoria player) and to deliver the 12 Montasio cheese shapes of different ageing periods: Fresh Montasio, Semi-aged or very old.
Quagliarella with a very ironic spirit stepped on the scale with a weight belt trying to cheat on his own weight, this all before the amused expressions of the trainer Walter Novellino, of the team mates and the Sky cameras.
Part of the Montasio Cheese was then donated for charity to some institutes in Genoa.

“Cheese is rich in calcium (in Italian calcium is calcio, which also means soccer), if not to a soccer player who could the cheese prize be offered to? - the President of the Montasio Cheese Consortium Antonio Moretti stated – A part from the play on words, the first rule for a healthy life is proper nutrition, soccer players know well that they have to take care of their bodies to better perform on the soccer fields. They are the perfect testimonials for a natural cheese and rich in nutritional properties like Montasio. We are very happy that our initiative, created and implemented by our press office, has had an echo and such an important return”.

                                                                               Andrea Vidotti


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