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Adv in motion

Del: 15/01/2007

The attention of the consumers can be captured in one of those few moments of the day that are still devoid of “commercial spot bombardment”, for instance when they are lined up at the supermarket.
This is the goal of Ads-N-Motion, a project launched in the USA by an Arkansas company, which has patented this new innovative form of advertising with surprising results.

 “Because - Frank Cox explains, CEO of enVision Marketing, company owning the patent – the classical ad no longer has a strong return on the investments. People are more and more distracted and busy. You need to seduce them when they least expect it, with simple and unusual means”, like advertising at the cash register counters.

Actually, thanks to a special photographic band it is possible to have a rotating band with scrolling images, that remain for a few seconds in movement before the consumers’ eyes.

“For each cash register counter it is possible to insert ten different images, interchangeable every six months – continues Cox – with ridiculously low costs compared to traditional advertising, and a much higher return in terms of brand building.”

This is proven by the cases of the twenty Kruger stores, the most diffused in America, that have adopted experimentally the Ads-N-Motion, with positive outcomes on behalf of the consumers, especially adults, who are remarkably less attracted by new technologies and more focused on the instore promotion.

This opinion has also convinced the Harps chain store to use the new media in its sales points.

The enVision Marketing brand idea has attracted popular brands like Pepsi, Coca Cola and Mars, that of it have appreciated not only the innovation, but also the costs, 15,000 dollars per month for 55 image-photos, capable of generating, on average, three million and a half impressions.

This also gives benefits to retailers, who - by contract – receive a percentage of the earnings. This is a non insignificant element and that – apart from the innovation of the means – has attracted even the attention of a giant like Wal-Mart.

                                                                   Rossella Ivone


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