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Sponsor a sheep

Del: 15/01/2007

Has anyone ever wondered what a Sardinian shepherd’s life is like? Flocks of …numerous sheep milked by hand, in order to produce milk often undervalued due to the pressing foreign competition.
And here is the solution of an open-minded family in Gergei, a location in Sarcidano, 60 km from Cagliari: the project ‘Become Shepherd and Farmer by sponsorship’, promoted through the web site

At the base of the project the possibility, by sponsorship, of raising a sheep and receiving, directly at home, either its products (for the Shepherd) or those of the SardiniaFarm (myrtle, honey, cheese, “fregola”, oil, wine, etc.).
“This is what I’ve been doing for thirty years with a flock of 100 sheep hand milked, with great passion and devotion, and for me it is difficult to find another way of life, having a family I love and that I have to support - affirms Emilio Concas, owner of the SardiniaFarm - Moreover, the project is also a way to evaluate the products that nature offers us in an uncontaminated territory in the center of Sardinia”.

Pay a periodic amount and follow from your home every stage and event of the sheep’s life, choose the name of your sheep and the related personalized collar, a woollen handmade product and an actual identity card of the animal.
You can go to the farm, at any time, to follow the raising cycle stages.

But, to start off, surf the site, in which there are photos and videos of the Concas family life and of the sheep being raised, including their names!

                                                                 Deborah Baldasarre


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