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All the clues on Oh, no! John!

Del: 19/01/2007

All the ingredients are present for an exciting story: the protagonist ( John), the big mystery (who hides behind it?), the chit-chat of the most savviest people (in my opinion is…).

Oh, no! John! Let’s try to gather all the clues:

The sticker in white writing on a black background has been sighted in several areas of the planet: California, Cuba, San Diego, Los Angeles, Liverpool, Les Deux Alpes, New York, London, Andalusia and Munich.

Many think that the sticker that is going around the world is fruit of an action of guerrilla marketing.

Oh,no! John! has magnetized the attention and the interest of the most attentive... the international press realised: the famous BBC photographer, Pete Carr, has included the sticker in his collection of images.

Probably the stickering campaign started in the luxuriant Chianti hills.

Oh, no! John! The exclamation is immediate and strong, the impact, is almost indicating: “What have you done , John!” Or “Oh, no!Don’t do it John!” Well it is known, the interpretation leaves a lot of room for ambiguity, especially if the words are not contextualized…

Oh,no!John! the phrase recalled when, during summer nights, about a decade ago, another catchy hit echoed among vacationers:
Of course the name John has another tone, more international, compared to Valerio, perhaps more domestic, but the impact is equally strong.

Whoever this Valerio was, was never really well known, his existence has now become a legend, so many wanted to believe that the name belonged to a lights technician, who during a setting up of the stage at Vasco Rossi concert, risked a ruinous fall. The exclamation of who looked at him holding on to the spectral scaffolding could not be other than fear and surprise:

At present the guerrilla marketing action related to the product (whatever it is) has really turned out well: reduced costs and guaranteed buzz marketing.

The sticker has been in circulation at least since this summer: how long does the teaser stage last?
Does creativity aim only at advertising below the line?
Let’s impatiently wait for the next move of the advertising campaign, that has now become a serialized mystery story.

                                                                        Serena Poerio


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