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The magic carpet that makes imagination fly

Del: 29/01/2007

The Veronese Promotionalservice has presented, with its exclusive licence for Italy, the interactive system of PoolSystem projection to the ground. A real novelty on the entertainment promoadvertising front.

Today, to leave ones mark on the chosen target is it necessary to impress, to strike, to affect? Well, now it is actually possible to have your interlocutors walk on water. Or at least give them that precise feeling thanks to PoolSystem, a multimedia product created and produced by Impressx-Germany, and distributed in Italy exclusively by Promotionalservice in Verona. This is an interactive system of projection to the ground and it represents one of the most innovative ideas for the promoadvertinging in large spaces, exhibitions, conventions, events or simply to animate a sales point creating an extraordinary interactive entertainment.

One of the effects available of PoolSystem is the soccer game. In this case a soccer field projected to the ground within the promotional area, where it is possible to virtually play a game. In fact, the ball, video projected to the ground within the soccer field, moves at the simple contact of the foot, allowing the players to interact with it. Moreover, the game is equipped with a programme of sound effects, perfectly synchronized with the system, that simulate both the sound of each kick given to the ball, and the fans of the stadium that rejoice at each effected goal. All this accompanied by advertising messages appropriately displayed and programmed according to the demands of the sponsors.

Not by chance PoolSystem was introduced for the first time in our country at the stand settings in the Milan and Rome train stations coinciding with the world championship of soccer, where it was converted into a real three goal virtual soccer game with two challengers, sponsored by Tim and Rauch-Bravo. Hostesses and promoters in referee uniforms conducted more than 2.000 virtual soccer games attracting the curiosity and the enthusiasm of thousands of travellers.
The area of 5 x 6 m (30 sq.m), 5.5 m high was set with a ground projection of about 3 x 4 m using video projectors of 10,000 ansilumen, optics 1.4/b 1.84, and an audio system with four Bose speakers. The sensation of playing soccer was so real, that the participants were supplied with shin-pads; while at the end of the game the players were given the Italian flag as a freebie.

Besides the soccer theme the opportunity offered by PoolSystem are various. It is practically impossible not to remain marvelled when you are before it, or better, when stepping on the water effect, among fishes-sharks that splash away at every step we take and the real sound of water that moves under our feet. And furthermore, the effect of the lawn with daisies and leaves, and the peace of mind that only real nature is able to make you feel.

PoolSystem can be purchased or rented through Promotionalservice for a day, a week, a month or more. It should be underlined that the new interactive media can be personalized with ad hoc programming, places, images, videos, video-clips and dedicated soundtracks. In a nutshell there are no limits either to the fantasy or to the amazement!

                                                      Michele de Gennaro
                                           Promotion Magazine 103, October 2006


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