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Notoriety competition: Totti, Rossi and Shumacher on the podium

Del: 05/02/2007

Notoriety competition for sport personalities, above all the soccer and engine V.I.Ps.
According to some research conducted by TNS Infratest on a sample representative of the Italian society, the most famous personality is Francesco Totti, followed by Valentino Rossi and Michael Shumacher. The curly motorcyclist gains first place also in the index of skilfulness and favour. Awarded for the irony, and not only, also Buffon and Cannavaro, the ones who are most willing to be interviewed and ‘joke about themselves a bit’. Capirossi and Melandri barely fall in the ninth and tenth place in the top ten of the nice guys.

The podium of the classification of the most likeable is repeated taking into consideration another parameter: the index of trust in the adv. Fourth place, surprisingly, is Gennaro Gattuso, the man requested as an endorser for several spots: from “Life is now” to the strike of the beard promoted on the internet; he is according to the panel of reference one of the most “reliable” of the advertising messages.

Many are the soccer players who have benefited from their presence in the World Championship of Soccer 2006:
Materrazzi increased notoriety by + 22.7 points, compared to the antecedent period to the victory by Italy in the Soccer World Championship , but above all compared to the period before Zidane’s well-known head-butt . Toni and Camoranesi follow, but there is room for the coach, Marcello Lippi still ninth on the chart, since his fame, already high due to the preceding performances, has increased after the championship by a good 8.8 points.

The research, presented by Mimmo Ugliano, person responsible of N.O.I. has also shown how in 2006 the Olympics in Turin conquered the maximum index of notoriety, surpassing the same World Championship of Soccer by about 6 points.
Many sport champions who, although have obtained excellent results in 2006, did not fall within the chart of the “magnificent 10”; among the absent, above all those who practice a sport that is not followed by the general public . For that matter, we know, fame does not always go side by side with skilfulness, even if the real athletes are seen on the field, far from gossip and television.

                                                                     Serena Poerio


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