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EQ Life, the concept of Best Buy for the client and his/her body care

Del: 09/02/2007

Best Buy is a consumer electronics chain leader in the United States. It has built its leadership thanks to a philosophy of refined client orientation, and therefore with a constant evolution of the formats and of the concepts. The new EQ Life, a concept store that focuses on health, wellbeing and technology, and proposes an opportunity of one stop shopping (and relaxing) offering a wide range of both products and services. Particular attention was dedicated to the expectations of the female target, and to the necessity of reducing the intimidation that can be developed towards the new technologies by those who are not as expert as others.

“Eq” is the root of the word “equilibrium” and the store sign expresses the general goal of the store: to help all its clients reach equilibrium. The services offered are personalized at the highest levels, since each one of us has specific needs and his/her own idea of equilibrium, that can be different from those of others. Even the shopping experience, through a design well-set in the layout and in the scheme of flows, it tries to stimulate the sense of equilibrium for the clients.

The store is divided in three areas, connected by very fluid paths: health, wellbeing and technology. In the area dedicated to heath there are beauty and personal care products, with a space dedicated to non traditional medicine (e.g. homoeopathy). There are also information centres that deal with diseases and female phenomena, like breast cancer and menopause. The in-store advertising is well-organised, full of information that is constantly updated on the basis of the evolution of medical knowledge.

In the wellbeing area there are machines displayed to perform physical exercise, electronic products (heart beat wireless monitors, scales that measure body fat, etc.), books and magazines on fitness, vitamins and various kinds of nutritional integrators. This area, where the most traditional products join highly innovative and technological products, introduces in the last section, dedicated completely to the technological products, from iPods to laptop computers, that in this context are experienced in a “friendlier” way. The complimentary aspect, of great added value, is that of the services. Within the store there is a 360sqm hall with the spa and the aesthetic centre, a cafeteria, a pharmacy, a service centre with dieticians, pharmaceutical consultants, nurses authorized to write prescriptions and diabetes experts. Various kinds of lessons are proposed (from Pilates to Yoga), makeup consulting sessions, health seminars and technology courses. There is access to wireless Internet, and two internet settings supply information on health and wellbeing.

                                               Fabrizio Valente (Partner kiki Lab) 
                                               and Neil Stern (McMillan Doolittle)


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