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Experiential Marketing: the sound experience

Del: 23/02/2007

In online preview, on MyMarketing.Net, the book “The sound experience”, written by two writers Enrico Nonino and Stefano De Pauli. A deep analysis on the sound dimension and on experiential marketing, where the contact points between the two ambits are emphasized, reaching the conception of a real strategic platform so as to improve the brand identity through the sound element.
Let’s talk about it with one of the authors, Enrico Nonino.

The book aims at enhancing the brand image: what does it mean?

At the same pace with the enhancement of the offer, the consumer today decides to choose the product or the service that guarantees him/her a higher added value, both in functional and intangible terms. In this sense, the image of the brand needs to be enhanced, exploiting each moment of contact: many global companies have already sensed the phenomenon, and they are starting to work out their own strategies in different terms. Even in Italy this tendency is starting to move its first steps and enhance the ideas of some managers, approaching the traditional marketing.

What is the goal of this book?

That of offering a few ideas so as to reason in different qualitative terms on the potentials that the brand image has to express itself, delineating through the B.H. Schmitt approach of the new paradigms. The book does not wish to be a marketing manual, or a book of psychology, though having within some specific theoretical elements of both: they are only the bridge to explain the integration potential between music and “experience”, and they allow the individual to “emerge himself/herself” in the brand even through a sound.

Music as the fourth ‘P’ of marketing: how was this intuition/exploration born?

It was born from a provocation: it is possible to put in contact two worlds apparently so dissimilar, like music and marketing? Among the new paradigms that serve as multiplicators of the value perceived by the consumer, the experiential one of American origin seems to well-adapt to the development of the new strategies of branding, less conventional and more irrational: the unconscious elements that lead to vary behaviours and moods, to listen to a certain kind of music, and to find a correlation with the variables that make us prefer one product to another, one sales point to another, and by abstraction, one brand to another.

                                                              Deborah Baldasarre

The book, which can be ordered online at , is reviewed in the MyMarketing.Net Bookshop .


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