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Focus on factor ’C’

Del: 23/02/2007

Where the “P factor”, the price, cannot; it is better to direct the attention to the “C factor”.
The “C”, of course, stands for “customer care”.

It is a strategy defined by Q8, one of the most powerful oil companies in the world (in Italy alone it declares a gross turnover of 8000 million euros a year), that has bet on alternative marketing to consolidate its own market position and to develop consumer loyalty; even of those less in target, like women.
The idea came to a Belgian agency, Duval Guillame of Anversa, that – in collaboration with the Bananas Activating Brands, specialized in streetmarketing – gave birth to an unusual in-store advertising campaign, that has been set in the Q8 gas stations, and played completely on irony.

The protagonists are two strong young fellows in tuxedos who, at every gas station, and on a red carpet, have welcomed the incredulous drivers.
Everyone - according to the many pictures that have appeared on the Web – have enjoyed this unexpected surprise. Especially the women, who, from the uncommon petrol pump attendant, not only were served with impeccable elegance, but have also received the hand-kissing.
The Q8 initiative, for its originality and its communicative strength, has triggered the attention of the media, reasserting in an innovative way the mission of the group, carrying out customer care, the attention to the client, which is its forte.

A binding choice, in a crowded market like that of the oil industry. A market in which the price lever is now impossible to actuate and in which the quality of the product and of the service must be shown with practice.
With one eye on the client and the other on the budget.

A policy, that up to this moment, has proved to be winning and that is giving good results: the group, after having consolidated with important acquisitions its presence on the territory, is attempting leadership of the Belgian oil market, where it now holds the second position.

                                                                   Rossella Ivone


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