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Second Life, living in the net

Del: 27/02/2007

After Habbo Hotel, Superfighetto, The Sims, the simulation of online life becomes more and more similar to the real one with Second Life (, a virtual three-dimensional online community, created in 2003 by Linden Lab, an American enterprise, inhabited by 1.800.000 residents.

A true virtual model of human integration, where the users meet, communicate, trade and live a second life. A cashflow equal to 650.000 dollars a day, because the real dollars are converted into Linden Dollars in order to purchase within the game.
For these reasons, many companies and advertising agencies have seen in Second Life free space, a new scenario in which to preside, a business.

Recently a virtual travel agency, Synthravels, was given birth, which conducts through parallel worlds having its own economy, architectures, manifestations, concerts.

Present in this virtual world there are...


News agencies
· Reuters, press agency.
Created the Reuters Atrium and updates on the novelties within the virtual world and on the exchange rates of the Linden Dollar.
· CNET, an agency dealing with technological novelties,
has built its location, with offices and amphitheatre where luminaries of the virtual world are interviewed.





Clothing brand names
· Adidas, sports shoes.
For the launch of the new A3 Microride, it has opened a store on a private island with postings and with a test area equipped with a diving board.
· Reebok, sports shoes,
has opened a store where the sneakers are sold white, so as to personalize them as you please.
· American Apparel, clothing.
The first clothing store open in SL, in the likeness of the Tokyo showroom. The users can try on the cloths and afterwards purchase them.









Advertising agencies

The Bartle Bogle Hegarty located its offices on a private island and it is equipped with a conference room in which the visitors can view its promotional videos.
· Leo Burnett
A flower-bed with an apple tree that guards the place where in the future the agency will be built.
Has built a building in which the offices are very realistic working rooms.










· Wired, American magazine of information technology. Ithas located its offices in SL.
· Regina Spektor, American singer and pianist.
A virtual place where to listen to her songs in a particular atmosphere.
· Vivox, on-line telephone company,
allows all the SL residents to communicate over the phone at no cost.
· Starwood Hotels Aloft, high class hotel chain;
the first hotel open in SL.
· Sun Microsystems, producing company of software and semiconductors.
The first press agency in the virtual world that deals with the new communication languages and the economic activities of SL.
Simulates the Wimbledon tournament.
· Toyota Scion, cars.
After the official presentation of the first car to be entered in SL, the citizens now can personalize it.
· Nissan, cars.
An enormous vending machine of cars beside a test track.













· The U2 concert.
· The live radio performance by Suzanne Vega.
· The Crayon presentation, new marketing agency.
· The Relay For Life event, a beneficial purpose, sponsored by the American Cancer Society.
· The election campaign of the governor Mark Warner, through a conference to which he answered directly.















The Second Life world becomes more and more famous and popular and the Linden Labs, since November 15th 2006, have decided to increase the value deriving from the increase of demand. The cost of a small pixel island equivalent to about 6 hectares has gone from 1.250 to 1.675 dollars, and the monthly property tax has increased by 295 dollars from the original 195.
And when the rising cost of living strikes Second Life too, that is when surely the borders with the real life become weaker and weaker.

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