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Emotionally advertising the sales point

Del: 02/03/2007

What must be advertised at a sales point? Only commercial offers and products?
Why does the Italian large-scale retail trade advertise so little and so badly?

Perhaps there is a basic misunderstanding when you talk about advertising at a sales point.
The real problem is that it is not sufficient to advertise at the sales point, it is especially necessary to advertise the sales point.

I think that the sales point is not just a sales channel, but that it truly represents "the last mile" in the advertising with/to consumers.

The sales point should transmit its distinctive values, create an empathetic relationship with the clients, inspire confidence, transmit emotions, be aesthetically and sensorily pleasant, talk to the heart besides the mind of the people.

I would like the numerous conventions on communication and trade, organised in Italy, to be able to truly make a change in the way the large-scale retail relates with its own clients.

One of the most innovative countries on the advertising front is South Africa, where the use of new digital technologies tones in with a diffused creativity and a strong client orientation.

Woolworths chain is an example of how it is possible to combine information to the consumer and emotional advertising with customer care.

The core element of ’Woolworths’ advertising is the organization of the shelves. The choice of products and their presentation.

Every occasion is important to advertise quality orientation.






Quality is a concept that must be explained.

Quality is explained by Woolworths even emotionally






The products are often, above all, purchasing occasions.







Consumers not only choose products, but also the values of Woolworths.

Consumers choose Woolworths especially for the high level of customer care.

Talk is cheap, that is why it is essential to make one’s own proposition concrete, to offer some instant gratifications, in a few words, bring in the lives of the clients their own values.

Creating a distinctive experience is much more than a claim. In Italy someone uses the payoff “a world around you, but in South Africa, Woolworths realises that what counts is to create a "world of difference" for its own clients.

Are you doing it?

                                         Maurizio Goetz


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