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Industrial Panorama

Del: 16/03/2007

An original interpretation of the travel concept inspired the production of Freitag, bags, made from truck tarpaulins, safety belts and tires, not represented through the choreography of ethnic or natural elements, but represented by containers.

The industry and retailers are always looking for new ways and methods to reach their target: a frenetic race towards visibility of which the temporary shops are one of the many exemplars. It is about – as you know - spaces temporarily dedicated to a brand or a product where companies strongly and with impact advertise a message to their clientele, certainly without neglecting the economic factor with direct sale. To this format we can trace back the last gimmick by Freitag, a Swiss company already known for the originality of its bags made from recycled material, truck tarpaulins, car seat belts and bicycle inner-tubes. In line with its philosophy to propose products that express the value of travel, Freitag has realized a temporary impressive shop at the borders of Geroldstrasse in Zurich, composed of 17 containers recuperated and adapted to the necessity. A sort of bonsai skyscraper, well identified by the “Freitag Shop Zürich” sign printed on the walls, on which a small observatory has been set up to enjoy an exceptional view of the city.

The containers have been arranged so as to cover 4 large exhibiting areas, distributed on the same number of floors (really the floors are in total 9, including the ground floor, but only a part of it is used as a shop), accessible by means of an internal iron staircase located in the center.

On the ground floor, in correspondence to the entrance, there is a welcoming area with a white wooden varnished parallelepiped counter, with fully visible parts, and others sheltered by frosted glass windows.
The two main walls, on the two sides, are equipped with wooden shelves, on which the smallest accessories are displayed and managed in direct sale and a living area where white PVC poufs define the waiting area. In the background of this space, and repeated in the same position on the other 4 upper floors, big modular wall-displays make it is possible to visualize and choose among the various ready-made bag models for direct sale. Actually, Freitag’s offer provides the possibility to personalize one’s own purchase, creating tailored graphic designs through a simple software that works directly on the tarpaulins present in that moment in the warehouse (you can also do it on the web).
The displays are composed of vertical elements fixed to the walls by aluminium racks, made up of a series of extractable shelves completed with carton containers on which images of bags and specific techniques are graphically imprinted. In some cases, to enhance and emphasize the advertising aspect, the products have been placed where they can be seen on the shelves.
Thanks to the big shop windows facing the street, the graphic composition realized by the display becomes, even from outside, a strong advertising message that captures the attention and makes passing drivers curious.

                                                Giuseppe Marco di Paolo
Promotion Magazine 105 January 2007


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