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ADV online 2007

Del: 23/03/2007

The analysts are positive about it: 2007 will be the year of the Internet.
Not as much for its diffusion, that is now a consolidated phenomenon, as for the development of the advertising on the Net.
The European Interactive Advertising Association, whose data is clear, confirms it: in the next twenty-four months advertising on the Web will double, especially in the entertainment and convenience goods department, where an increase of 75% is forecast.
An increase due to two factors: broadband diffusion and greater awareness of the importance of the web in the construction of a strong brand image, determining in order to trigger companies to be keen on the online.

And if Great Britain will be, also in 2007, the country with the greatest inclination for the use of advertising on the Internet, Italy will be the country that will reserve a big surprise.
In fact, in the next twelve months the increase of investments in online adv will be seen, to the detriment of the budgets reserved to other media, first among which press and TV, uncontested leaders up to a few years ago.
The forecasts are rosy: after the increase of 44.4% in 2006 (against 0.8% of TV and -9.2% of cinemas) the web advertising will still grow another 31.4%, as the last data from Nielsen Media Research reports.

This is an inclination that will involve all Europe: many big investors this year will move the publicity budgets towards the Web, eroding quotes to the traditional means (64% of the increase will, actually, come from amounts set aside for other media).

But this year the bosses will be the social networks; that is, the sites made by the users, that allow to share information, like Wikipedia and Youtube.
This will be the model of greater success, even from the advertising point of view.
The possibility to interact with people and make them an integral part of the marketing strategies, are the characteristics that will make the social networks the most innovative tool to conquer new consumer segments.

For this reason the big groups have already taken to the new advertising competition.
Starting from P&G that with its site gives the possibility to test products before they are launched on the market.
An initiative that is being used as a model all around the world. A model that soon, assure the well-informed, will be replicated all around the world by big and medium-sized enterprises. The virtual challenge has just begun.

                                                                         Rossella Ivone


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