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Crocodiles for everyone!

Del: 26/03/2007

“Think bigger than what you are” : this is the belief of the producing company of the Crocs™, of a brand that is classified at the first place among the Footwear companies for its growth rate.
The Crocs have dictated a new look, that of free time, and after 5 years from their debut, the Crocs™ today are produced in USA, Canada, China, Italy, Mexico, Romania and distributed in over 80 countries around the world through more than 17.000 sales points.

The Crocs have travelled from America to Europe taking with them a new trend, the summer “must-have”, that no one can resist, not even international stars.

Al Pacino, Matt Damon, Faith Hill, Isabella Rossellini, Jack Nicholson and Cora Schumacher are only some of the famous names that could not resist having the color and originality of the Crocs in their wardrobes.

These smiling Crocodiles are suitable for a young, easy and mainly vacationer-like look, to wear on the beach, on a boat but also around city streets, coloring them with originality.

"A shoe for all targets and all uses - stated Ronald R. Snyder, Crocs Chief Executive Officer – A highly recognizable brand that, has a lot of potential in Italy and in Europe".

Thanks to its pricing policy ‘30 dollars a pair’ and to the word-of-mouth, sales accelerate and grow exponentially.
Furthermore from a strategic point of view, Crocs™ has revolutionized the rapport with the distribution, reversing the classical model of the footwear industry that forces retailers to purchase the lines in large quantities and at least six months before delivery. An absolutely innovative, agile and flexible system, having no limits of quantity, which favours the possibility of reordering, without making unsold merchandise exist.
The international expansion policy of the head-office is also winning, which has brought to the recent acquisition (end 2006) of Exo Italia in Padova a company in Veneto, producer of new lines.

Always alert and attentive to the market, a strategy was also actuated by Crocs™ to maintain firm the following of its most inconstant target: the youngest generation. And with this objective the company has sealed a recent license agreement with Walt Disney for the realization of a new line of shoes inspired by the famous Mickey Mouse and soon the other Disney characters, in concomitance with the movie distributions. In this same direction follow the collaborations with Nickelodeon and Warner Brothers and the production for Google, Tyco, Flexotronics and L.A. Lakers. These are functional manoeuvres also to contrast the already numerous cases of imitation in act and to make themselves unique and distinguishable on the market.

A unique and exclusive novelty is arriving for the new season: the Jibbitzes,  enjoyable applications of various shapes and colors so as to make one’s own Crocs even more original and personalized. Flowers and animals for a happy note, but also names or symbols of peace for those who wish to tell and share with others their own ideas.

Here are the images of the new Crocs models:









                                                 Deborah Baldasarre


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