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Think ’Liquid’

Del: 02/04/2007

1.The transformation

The only reality is transformation; communication sets two subjects of the before and after; fluid and emotional, a two-way, interactive and immaterial communication finds the reasons to its success.
METAPHOR: The victorious troops are those that accept the battle once they have won.
The paradox broadens the mind: opening it is the best way to make it work, contamination is the fastest way to make it creative: the starting point is everything!

2.The feminization of marketing
The process embraces the revelation rather than the action, the pause replaces the continuous struggle, helping the past to pass rather than shaping it.
METAPHOR: Ride the wave of chaos till it becomes gentle and then lead it to the garage of your home.
Accept the contradictions, surpass the logic schemes, favour the flows, overcome the contradiction between good and bad, the linear constructions and the one-way communication.

3.The Sharing
We are at the passage point from the iron logic to the Water Logic, the Water Brands, a more fluid, more elastic and interactive way of perceiving, of thinking and of realizing .
METAPHOR: Hello, we are in the “participation age".
For Water Thinking the concept of truth does not exist, every preconceived idea is to be avoided because it has its boundaries, the creative gesture is fruit of a continuum, the language is a virus and it has set no limits.

                                                                       Fabrizio Bellavista


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