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Del: 01/06/2007

An effective name that contains the active principle

The world of the pharmaceutical drug names is for various reasons, mainly legal/ministerial, in 99% of the cases linked to the molecules and active principles that regulate the functioning of the single product. Instead, slightly different is the situation of the so-called over the counter products. The weight loss and cognate products deserve a different story.
But, let’s go in order.

The over the counter product names benefit greater magnanimity on behalf of the ministerial laws and therefore in naming terms they can dare more. But often it happens that– you even read, almost always –with the name the description of the functionality, the objective and the action of the product. Therefore, describing, often committing a couple of mistakes: making the name embarrassing for the consumer (Vagisil, Anonet, No-Gas and Diarstop) denying it a necessary function of distinctiveness.
Now, let’s get in the weight loss and supplements fields. The various Pesoforma, Kilokal, Tagliafame, Ventre Piatto and Slim Fast are like many variations of one sole theme: the wish to communicate directly and descriptively the outcome.

When Sirc contacted Nomen Italia to find a name for its new Delapasine® base supplement , the idea was to stray as much as possible from the usual ways and exploit the potential of the. naming to obtain a unique name, having a strong and distinctive personality.

The research starts from a fact.
On the one hand the complexity of the studies at the base of the product, that is Delapasine®, an exclusive combination of active principles that limits the absorption assimilation of sugars and fats intake.
On the other hand the wish to obtain a simple and easy to read name, in order to attract the consumer without distrust and misunderstandings.
Another fundamental point: what to communicate with the name. Not only the idea of effectiveness, reduction and wellbeing, but also the concepts of course, synergy and a bright outlook on things.

The particularity of Sinua is that, not metaphorically, it is a name that stands out among the crowded dispensers on the pharmacy counters. Sinua immediately denotes lightness and harmony. Sinuosity is in the name already on a morphological level just as softness and femininity are in the sound. Evoking, instead of describing, the word Sinua strengthens the basic concept, that is, to help the harmony of the body through a non forced action that has positive repercussions on general wellbeing.

Sinua is the mirror of its target: fitness, but also and above all health. Instead of naming an active principle “strong” that makes you focus on the goal, Sinua turns your attention to a gradual process, emanating equilibrium, like a dance, a two-step between aesthetics and wellbeing.

                                                 Danilo Deninotti

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