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Centenarian Street

Del: 01/06/2007

There is a street in the heart of Sardinia where you live longer. Why is that?

The , is an initiative of three Sardinian girls, proud of their own territory and eager to promote it around the world .What better way than the Web? Such patrimony becomes this way accessible to all the people who want to be transported by magical tales and experience of the centenarians. Carla, Pamela and Giulia, who since they were kids used to listen to tales of the town’s grandparents, have more and more become keen on the local traditions and culture, and now they are ready to accompany “those” who wish to discover the elixir of long life, thanks to the possibility to meet the centenarians and discover these precious lands.

“To pay for our education, in summer, we did seasonal work in tourist realities close to where we live – state the girls - and we realized that we had another idea of tourism made of simplicity, close contact with the territory and “its people and the valorisation of the traditional, cultural and naturalistic aspect of our area”.

There are eight centenarians that live in Via dei Centenari between Orroli and Laconi and whom you can meet to find out how they got to be 100 years old and beyond: extraordinary examples of life. In less then 30 kilometres, between hills and woods, there is a concentrated presence of centenarians and of so many people over ninety.

A real tourist package to visit this street located in the center of Sardinia. You can watch a video of a centenarian, for a good 100 % natural dose of life to get to be 100 years old ….at

Besides the internet site, have you used other tools to promote the initiative?

As a method to promote we have certainly used the internet site but also the creation of press release sent to several journalists. Then, on several occasions we were contacted by headings and national, regional and international papers and also by some TV networks. Thanks to articles, interviews and TV programs we are in the phase of promoting the project.

When did you start up the project and what have been the reactions, up to now?

The project actively started about 2 weeks ago with the online site and we sent several press releases after a few months of preparation. As for reactions, we have received many emails and phone calls complementing us, on behalf of some journalists who were positively impressed by the initiative. We have even received some booking and information contacts, awaiting confirmation.

                                                  Deborah Baldasarre


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