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Coffees of Hawaii

Del: 17/09/2007

What the habitants of Atlanta and Chattanooga, in Tennessee, experienced, a few weeks ago at their wakening, was a surprise “out of the blue”.

Instead of the classic milk bottle, delivered with the paper, as in the best American tradition, on their doorsteps they found, coffee packages attached to small parachutes.

Disseminated in the gardens, in the streets or attached to branches and balconies, the strange “objects”, attracted the attention of the sleepy residents.

A Who didn’t waste time catching the packages, and discovering that they were specially realized by the company Coffees of Hawaii, author of the gimmick.
The company came up with this brilliant guerrilla marketing operation to make the pluses of its products known to the most lazy consumers who are also the most faithful consumers of the well-known brands.

Attached to each parachute, a small card with a key message launched by the company: “You can get amazing coffee varieties from Coffees of Hawaii delivered to your home whenever you want and at the quantity you desire,. Enjoy this sample”.

The costs for the “coffee launch” were quite good, surely lower than those advertised on TV or in the papers, and the effect was immediate.

In this case – underlined the agency that realised the operation - it was necessary to advertise in a specific area, trying to charm the residents of the two cities and, at the same time, convince them to order packages of Coffees of Hawaii to be delivered at home, since this coffee is usually sold in specialized shops, at prices that are not always accessible to all.

The goal, that was to surprise and make people try a niche and popular brand, was fully achieved.

To favour immediate contact with the brand and its world ( the company created a link with the Hawaian land, its strong point, investing 1% of its proceeds in the preservation of the ecosystem), at the bottom of the card it showed its website address.

Quite an important cue, since to order the packages and have them delivered at home it is necessary to go on the Net and then make a request in the “Buy online” section.

The company has not yet disclosed the results of this operation, but-considering the positive critique of the experts around the world – its image and brand awareness has benefited from it, with remarkable return in terms of popularity and creativity.

                                                                        Rossella Ivone


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