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Disney Channel

Del: 12/10/2007

Disney: a name, a dream, an artistic universe of excellent quality.
Characters that have forever been symbols of universal moral values.
The success of the brand, initially, linked to films and theme parks, today is supported by television, home movies, books, magazines, stores.

In Italy, October 3rd 1998 is a date to remember: at 8 pm, the prémière of “The Lion King” accredited the birth of Disney Channel on what was, at the time, Tele+ digital platform.

The commercial proposal: all the best Disney products and original local productions, 24hrs a day with no commercial interruptions.

Programs that interact with a audience of youngsters, so as to talk with them, make them want to express emotions and talents: this is the mission of the brand. Its impact claim :“Free your imagination”.
That’s how programs like “Disney Channel in linea ” are born, a fixed date between the public and four hosts that gather in the studio to talk, play and express themselves.

Since 2000 the direct involvement of youngsters is periodically enhanced with events and shows on the territory: That’s the case of “Aristoband”, “Futuro@Disney Channel”, “Imagination Awards” and “Segna&Sogna”, an initiative in co-partnership with the youth sector in Milan, afterwards, repeated in the years that followed, with the purpose to give, 20 very lucky finalists, the emotion of being protagonists for a day at the meneghino stadium for a championship game everybody’s was waiting for.

In 2003, one of the most innovative choices Disney world made was the creation of a new logo that appeared through the most famous stylized ears profile of the globe, those of Mickey Mouse!
New and unique, it has been adopted by the Disney Channels around the world and it is there, on air, on press, online and in the merchandising, there to represent the new global identity of the channel and redefine the graphic image of Disney. An innovative action destined to involve and join all markets, but called upon with full respect to its tradition.

Since May 2005, Walt Disney Television Italia has offered its subscribers even more complete and diversified things, proposing the new Disney Channel +1, with the same Disney Channel programming an hour later; Toon Disney, entirely dedicated to the animation, in which the absolute protagonists are the most beloved and popular characters of classical traditional cartoons, like Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, but also the most recent heros like Timon & Pumbaa, the Proud family or wild “Kim Possible”; finally Playhouse Disney, the channel created for young kids from 2 to 5, that combines fun with the possibility to learn with an approach that is suitable to the curiosities and needs preschoolers. So, there come programs like “Mickey Mouse’s house”, “Bear in the big blue house” and “Winnie the Pooh”.

The past year, saw the exciting phenomenon, practically diffused everywhere, of the film-event “High School Musical”. Preceded by a series of mind-blowing results obtained in USA, AUSTRALIA and GREAT BRITAIN and by Disney Channel Italia young subscribers’ “ waiting fever”.

A A soundtrack that has officially entered the Guinness of Records as the most successful soundtrack of all times. It has risen up the charts gaining the platinum record in less than three months from its release on the Italian Disney channel: Italian kids have started to dance and sing songs of the album before the movie was released on the Disney Channel.
A huge success that shows how “High School Musical” really speaks the language of today’s kids.

Since spring 2007, the shooting of “High School Musical 2” is already what the whole world is waiting for.


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