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Excellent cachemire from Mongolia and a vote for Expo 2015

Del: 04/03/2008

The protocol between the Chamber of Commerce of Milan and the Chamber of Commerce of Mongolia was sealed. The encounter between the two delegations, organized by Promos, a special agency of the Milan Chamber of Commerce, brought excellent benefits because it was precisely in this circumstance that the president of the corresponding Mongolian association, Sambuu Demberel, offered a precious gift to Milan, announcing his vote in favour of its nomination for EXPO 2015.


On this occasion, well-known personalities of many sectors of the Italian entrepreneurial activity were present , like Santo Versace, president of the homonymous group, Bruno Ermolli of Promos, Massimiliano Ponzellini president of Impregilo, Claudio Artusi Ad of Fiera Milano Spa, but the meeting had a net reference to the fashion world and textile clothing sector that is celebrated at present in Milan. “ Collaboration between these two countries in the world of textile asserts itself in almost natural terms, and for us, it means the possibility to produce a qualitative improvement of the products” - said Armando Bianchini, general secretary of Alta Gamma, association that joins some of the best Italian high range companies, and that participated for a few days in “a very profitable restricted meeting, with the Mongolian delegation, along with Pierluigi Loro Piana, Stefania Saviolo of the Master in Fashion Experience & Design Management generated by the collaboration between the University Bocconi and Alta Gamma”.

The satisfaction of the delegates for Expo 2015 merged with the satisfaction of who witnessed, at the encounter, a driving force for the quality and Italian style, and for those who have even taken the opportunity to link to Bit, which has always been held in Milan. Actually, at the Mongolia stand, Branchini hinted to the great potentialities that will be exploited by this collaboration. “Mongolia means cachemire, which rhymes with quality. Mongolia has a production of 20 million cachemire goats, that in the textile clothing is a privileged material precisely of the high range Italian industry. Once the English use to use it, and forty years ago Italian enterprises started using the technology to transform this marvellous material, in an ever more original way ”. The actual signs of the concrete quality of the product, that have us look forward to better days, is joined by the determined penetrability of the industrial sector, of which some Italian producers are a successful proof, like Loro Piana, in Mongolia since 1974. “He created a purchasing company, and since 1994 an industrial production of cachemire yarn, which is the first in Mongolia, being an entirely foreign capital. Therefore, Pierluigi Loro Piana was the first to attest the high reliability of the people, the high quality of the products and of the business relations.” The third factor that rewards the brand new collaboration between the two countries regards training on location, experience that, in other sectors has already given excellent results “It’s like Illy, that made the university of coffee and trained in situ; it is necessary to help the people improve the quality, the productivity, the experience. Actually, Demberel,, president of their Confindustria, suggested a check-up on their training system to help them improve, exchange students and teachers between Italy and Mongolia. On this point, in Milan we have excellent starting points, like the Mafed master of the Università Bocconi. It is important to enhance the production precisely in Mongolia because this is where the value chain starts from”.

Antonio Belloni


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