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Filo diretto Onlus

Del: 01/12/2008

Cesvi between Italy-Uganda in favour of the new Aids victims.

Imagine a country where the seniors are the only ones who can take care of the children, not because their parents are busy working all day, but because they are dead, killed by Aids. This country is Uganda. The Ugandan fight against AIDS is considered a success, given the considerable decrease of the infection rate – from 18% in 1992 to 6.4% in 2005. However, the main beneficiaries of the HIV infection prevention campaign are youngsters and women. Hardly any attention has been given to seniors. Actually, the latter are not the people concerned, but they are those who face the tragic consequences with the children, even now that Aids mortality is decreasing.

The district of Kayunga, where the project is being implemented, was chosen because it seems to be one of the less developed places in Uganda. Child mortality equals 140/1000 and one third of the population does not reach 40 years old. 13,9% of children under 5 five years old is underweight, 20% of the population does not have access to the health facilities, while 28% of the habitants cannot use clean water and 24% of the adults is illiterate.

In a context of the kind, it becomes fundamental for the seniors to find an occupation that allows them to support their grandchildren and give them the possibility to receive adequate education. For this reason Cesvi and Filo diretto Onlus support the families of seniors and grandchildren, determining some activities for seniors who are head of their families and proceed to their technical formation supplying a minimum capital to start the work.

The schooling of the Aids orphans is another crucial aspect of the situation. Therefore, the project starts off thanks to the awareness of the importance of schooling education, assuring also the coverage of school expenses so as to allow the children to attend at least primary school. The professional initiation of the kids, will be favoured by a counselling activity and by the coverage of the related expenses to their professional formation. Finally, the actual attendance and school results of the kids will be monitored. In total, the intervention of Cesvi and Filo diretto Onlus will allow 840 kids to attend primary school and 280 kids to attend professional schools and learn a trade.

In addition, work will be carried out on the housing and hygiene-health conditions of the families of grandparents and grandchildren. In particular, the houses that lack hygiene services will be equipped with lavatories and the damaged roofs of houses will be repaired. Also, in this project Filo diretto Onlus and Cesvi work side by side, supporting the purchase of the necessary productive material.

The collaboration between Cesvi and Filo diretto Onlus is strong also thanks to the experience gained on another project in Uganda. In fact, in 2007 a specific project started working on the direct consequences of Hiv&Aids, by improving the health conditions of people affected by Aids and by HIV positive screening and prevention of the mother-child infection during pregnancy. During this second stage of the project, support to the people affected by the virus is not abandoned, but rather joins the support given to the relatives of the Aids victims, who are usually ignored by the Hiv&Aids interventions.

Gualtiero Ventura, President of the Filo Diretto Group, commented: “Following last year’s success, we are happy to continue our collaboration with CESVI that is giving us the possibility to realize another important project that we have set for ourselves in the ambit of intervention, childhood in difficulty, in a continent such as Africa overflowing with humanitarian emergencies. We hope that our contribution, in addition to other implemented or ongoing projects in Tanzania, Angola, Ivory Cost, can be the foundation for improvement, even if small, of the health and life conditions of the African population and especially of the children who represent the future.

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