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Del: 01/12/2008

A salon where cool haircuts become fascinating and spectacular events. A 2.0 Retail chain capable of expanding thanks to its community.

• Format: hair salons
• Established: 1999
• 2007: 74 salons – 2008 goal: 80 salons
• Direct management (no franchising)
• Location: Germany, city centre
• Abroad: 1 Ibiza (near future)
• Approximate surface: 60 sqm
• 700 employees – some managers are also partners
• Service costs: 10-70 €

• 60.000 registered members
• 15 million clicks a month
• 600-700 new pictures of Unisex customers’ haircuts (a day)
• 20.000 Unisex active cards

1. Glamorous and amazing haircuts
2. Professional competence
3. Young and interactive salon environment
4. Community development
5. Use of non conventional media
6. Excellent price-quality ratio

1. Glamorous and amazing haircuts
Unisex interprets haircuts and hairstyles in a personalized and original way, fascinating customers and making them feel like real “Unisex models”.
Unisex makes each hair cut a show, an artistic performance reproducing in the salons the typical mood of stylistic conventions.
Considered the constant animation of the salons, the wide shop windows are a communicative medium of attraction for pedestrian traffic. No need for an appointment, so impulsive purchase is also encouraged. In free time and shopping time haircuts can become an alternative and very gratifying choice.

2. Professional skills
The professional competences of the staff strongly address to their specific young and modern target of reference. In fact, the staff is able to reproduce the most innovative trends and styles and have the ability to know how to creatively relate to customers. Moreover, Unisex has invented new colour application modalities and even 7 different scissors grips that allow for new techniques, that speed up the cut and make it spectacular.

3.Young and interactive environment of the salons
The interior retail design is modern, characterized by the colours black, blue and yellow, and by high club music playing in the background.
The lights play a particular role emphasizing the spectacular approach to the cut.
Several screens play the Unisex TV that updates on new trends, events and activities promoted by Unisex, promotions,…
There are a few Internet areas in the salons which make the wait easier and may help one update on the latest events and trends. On the Unisex site customers can also see the thousands of haircuts and be inspired to choose their own style (Surf & Style).
After they have their hair cut, customers are asked permission to upload a picture of their new look on the internal Internet platform and become a Unisex “model”.

4. Community development
Unisex is a unique chain of salons which has created a Community thanks to a very popular and coherent site and its pay-off: : “Sex, luxury and cool haircut”.
The site facilitates the meeting of on-line and off-line members during several national and regional events organized and sponsored by Unisex. The advertisements of the services offered contribute to make these particular haircuts a “small accessible luxury”. LINK A

5. Use of non conventional media
Every year Unisex launches two new cut collections and conveys photo shoots and videos on the Internet site and on its own Unisex TV, then broadcasts in the salons. The Brand favours non conventional strategies, such as its presence in the Housebesuche, Housemusic party where Unisex creates the participants’ look, organizes shows, etc…
The visibility of the brand is furthermore developped with the sales both of haircare products and T-shirts and CDs that interpret the Unisex style.

6. Excellent price-quality ratio
It offers an excellent price-quality ratio. Moreover there are student discounts, fidelity card discounts and also facilitations guaranteed on services in other stores, including some on-line stores, in line with the Unisex position.



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